Cool Baby Shower Themes

Baby Shower Themes

How exactly do you use baby shower themes? Well, a theme is an
idea, such as a color scheme,
character or any subject matter that everything about the party will be
based on. For instance, a Sailboats baby shower will be centered on
things related to boats and water, and for a pink and white
celebration, all the decorations will obviously consist of those two
colors. That’s the basic idea.

When considering baby shower themes, you should take into
what you think the mom would like. This is one crucial part of the
planning in which her personality will come into play.

If your guest of honor is the conservative and/or traditional
type, then something like the It’s a boy/girl theme would be a good
choice. But, if she’s more modern or chic, then the Little Miss Diva
will probably be the best choice.

If you know the guest of honor very well and you’re still
having trouble selecting a baby shower theme, then use the resources
that are all around you. Browse through some magazines or walk around a
department store.

You may even find some inspiration from the decor in her own
home. Does she have a lot of unique artwork on her walls? You can
create a baby shower art show theme! Remember, imagination is key.

There are literally tons of baby shower themes to choose from, and, to
make your planning easier, I have gathered some ideas and information
about the most popular ones.

As you browse through the choices below, you will find that
each idea will be based on a certain color scheme. Preparing for a baby
shower is all about creativity and imagination, and these ideas will
get your creative juices flowing.

Use these themes as a guide to your overall planning, and feel
free to add your own personal touches. When you set your mind to a
particular theme, your planning will be more than halfway done.

Also keep in mind that you do not have to use one of these
themes. Party planners are coming up with new and creative ideas every
day. And no matter how many ideas we try, there will always be plenty
of themes that have yet to be tried.

Do you want to share your creative baby
shower themes?

here to contribute.

Themes for Girls

a Girl


Miss Diva

Spice and Everything Nice


Themes for Boys

a Boy



Snails, Puppydog Tails

Themes for Girls and Boys


the Pooh/Baby Pooh








and Stars


My Valentine


the Clock


Keep these tips in mind:

It’s all about the guest of honor.

As the hostess, you will have to cater to the desires and needs of all
your guests, but the most important person is the mom-to-be. Make sure
she will be comfortable with whatever theme you choose. For instance,
if your mom is not an animal lover, then the “safari” theme will not be
a good idea.

Be spontaneous.

Don’t let anything hold your imagination back. When I was in college, I
received an invitation to a beach baby shower, which was set to take
place in early January! I knew the hostess chose this idea because the
expectant mom loves summer, but I thought it didn’t make much sense
because it was freezing outside.

To my surprise, the celebration was a success. All the
decorations had the guests feeling warm and summery the entire time. If
your guest of honor loves a certain holiday, use that as your theme,
regardless of the time of year.

Save some money.

Before you run to the store for decorations and favors, make sure you
search your own belongings for things you can use. Let’s say you want
to go with a sports baby shower theme. Does your significant love
sports? If so, he’s sure to have lots of stuff you can use as

Or, what about a holiday themed shower? If you love to
decorate your home for the holidays, use those decorations for the
shower as well.

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