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Shower Invitations
that will get your guests excited

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Baby shower invitations are important because they tell the guests all
the specifics about the upcoming event. Before you start thinking about
invitations, make sure you have already selected a baby
shower theme

and created your baby
. You need to have these two steps completed because
that information will be a part of the invite.

Once you’re ready to start notifying your guests, the first
step is to decide what kind of baby shower invitations to send. You can
choose between the following: store bought, custom, handmade,
or e-mailed invitations.

Most likely, you’re going to want your invites to match your
overall theme. Buying store-bought invitations for common themes is a
great time saver because they are easy to find, the design has already
been created, and all you have to do is fill in the name, date, time,
place, etc.

But, the other options are good choices to consider as well.
Why don’t we just take a look at the pros and cons of all three
options. This will help you decide which route is best for you:

Store Bought Custom Handmade E-Mail
Pros Easy to find, already designed, wording already done. Easy to find in specialty stores and on the internet.
Plenty of choices to choose from, and you decide on the invitation
You control the overall look, wording and price. Saves a lot of money (you don’t have to pay for the
invitation or postage).
Cons You have no say so in the overall look or wording. A bit more expensive than store bought invitations. Could be time consuming. Not the best choice for some themes.

As you can see, store bought baby shower invitations take care
almost everything for you. All you’ll have to do is pick out the ones
you want and mail them out. You can find these kinds of invites at
plenty of stores such as, Hallmark, Target, and your local supermarket.
Remember, store-bought invitations do not give you the option to
personalize much, but they are a great time saver.

If you decide to go with custom baby shower invitations, I’ve
come across a great website with tons of selections.

Tiny Prints is THE place to purchase invites for your
here to check their current sales.

Most websites that offer custom baby shower invitations have a
lot more options to choose from. So take your time and browse through
the selections. Once you decide on a design, you can opt to use the
wording that the company has chosen for that particular card, or you
can tweak it a little.

You can also make your own custom invitations from
All you need is a verson of Microsoft Word and a

here for samples of custom invitation templates and instructions for
making your own.

Now, on to the handmade invitations. Many people think that
making your own invitations is too difficult. All the cutting and
gluing doesn’t seem to appealing to some people. But there are plenty
easy designs that take no time at all to create. Want to give it a try?
Check out

This site has great step-by-step instructions, as well as plenty of
designs to choose from.

Tradition calls for using a card and envelope, and sending
your baby shower invitations through the mail. But, thanks to
technology and the creative mind, you can save yourself some time and
money by sending an evite, which is an invitation via e-mail.

This is a
great time and money saver because you won’t have to go to the store or
shop online for invitations, and you won’t have to pay for postage.
There are plenty of websites such as that offer free
invitations, or you can use personal computer programs to make invites
from scratch, and then send them via email.

Don’t forget, with handmade, custom and e-mail
invites, you will have to create your own invitation
Click on the link for some wording samples for
girls, boys and unisex invitations.

You’ll want to keep these thoughts in mind when you decide
which kind of invitation to send:

Is this a formal or an informal baby shower?

It may not be a good idea to send an evite for a formal baby shower.
Communication via the internet is considered informal, so the e-mailed
invitation should be reserved for a more laid back get-together.

How soon do I want the invitations to arrive?

If you’re in a rush to get your notices out, then an email is your best
bet. Emails will arrive almost immediately, as opposed to mailed
invitations which will take one to five days to arrive.

I want to send evites, but do all the guests have
internet access?

Make sure everyone has a valid email address that they check regularly
if you’re sending your notices via e-mail.

What’s my budget?
As I’ve said before, you will not have to pay for postage with evites.
If you have 20+ people on your list, those stamps can really add up.

Here are some other options and creative add-ons for
your invitations:

*Include step-by-step driving directions for your guests, not just the

*Use a small party favor to add flare to the card, such as a
diaper pin or ribbon.

*If you want to really get the guests’ you can also add a
picture of the pregnant mom-to-be!

Here are some important tips regarding your baby
shower invitations:

Your invites should include all of the following

*The guest(s) of honor. If the parents have already chosen a name for
the baby, put his/her name on it as well.

*Date, time and place. Please include the exact
, even if you know that most of the guests are
familiar with the location.

*Hostess information-name and phone number
(the guests will call you to let you know if they will be attending).

*RSVP date (this should be 2-3 weeks before the shower).

*Baby registry insert or print-out.

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