Stork baby shower ideas.

the Mom-to-be a Stork Baby Shower

What says “there’s a baby on the way” more than the
traditional stork? Host a stork baby shower that’s sure to have your
guests in a baby celebration mood.


Use paper in the shape of a stork, or white paper with a stork graphic.
Start the invitations out with something like “They’re preparing for a
special delivery…”

If the expectant mom is having a girl, use pink, black and white for
your colors. For a boy, use blue instead of pink. These stork baby
shower ideas are for a baby boy.

Head Table:
-White tablecloth with little stork graphics on it, and blue tableware.

-Blue and white party favors.

-blue baby shower confetti.

Guest tables:
-Blue tablecloths with white tableware.

-Black and white centerpiece on each table.

-Black and white baby shower confetti.

Small accents:
-Blue, black and white streamers and balloons.

-Blue and white baby shower banner.

-A few stork cut-outs throughout the room.

Guest of honor chair:
-If possible, hang a medium sized stork cut-out from the ceiling, on
top of where the chair will be. This will create the illusion of a baby
being dropped in the mom’s lap.

-Attach blue and white balloons to the back of the chair.

Buffet table:
-Use the same tablecloth as you used for the head table.

-Silver serving utensils with blue and white bows tied at the ends.

-Baby shower confetti scattered on the table (but make sure you don’t
put any too close to the heat).


-Plush stork toy holding a baby figurine, or a stork wearing a diaper.

–Stork shaped floating candles in a candle bowl with water.

-Blue and white floral centerpiece with a black ribbon around the vase.

Diaper cake

Black ribbons around each tier. Top the cake with a stork plush toy,
and use blue washcloths, pacifiers, booties, and baby lotion bottles
for the gifts.

Edible cake

A 3D stork cake with blue icing.


-Stork shaped baby candles.
-Small stork plush toys with a personalized ribbon.

-Stork shaped candies in a white mesh bag. Attach a blue and black
ribbon to the bags.

Stork baby shower gifts

-Stork security blanket.

-Stork feeding set (plate, bowl, baby utensils and baby cup).

-Stork plush toy.

Thank you cards

White paper with a stork graphic for the background. Attach a stork
stick on the inside of each card.

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