An around the clock baby shower theme idea.

the Clock Baby Shower Ideas

around the clock baby shower is based primarily on the gifts from the
guests. The idea is to have each guest bring a baby item that the mom
will need during a specific time of day.

In order to get a variety of gifts, the best way to organize
this theme is to assign the guests with a certain time. For example, if
you assign a guest with 12 noon, she may associate that time with
lunch, so she can bring in a baby’s dish set.

Use white paper with a clock graphic at the top. Use clever wording
like “She’s going to be busy around the clock…”

This is one of the baby shower theme ideas
that will work well with many color options. For these decorating
ideas, let’s use a blue and white color scheme.

Head Table
-Solid white or white and blue tablecloth.
-Blue tableware.
-Blue baby shower confetti.
a clock for you centerpiece. If you want to decorate the clock, use
some baby shower graphics and paste a different baby item on top of
each number.

Guest tables
-Use a white tablecloth for some tables, and blue for the others.

-Blue tableware for the tables with white tablecloths, and vice versa
for the other tables.

-Blue and white baby shower confetti.

-At each table, use a small piece of paper
(about 3in x 5in) and write a certain time on it. Then place a baby
item next to the sign to go with that time. Use a different time and
baby item at each table.

Small accents
-Blue and white balloon bouquets.

Guest of honor chair

-Blue and white balloons tied to the back of the chair.

-Place a small table next to the chair, and neatly place a few blue and
white baby items on it.

Buffet table
-White tablecloth.

-Blue baby shower confetti.

-Blue ribbons tied to the ends of the serving utensils.

Diaper cake
Use blue ribbons around each tier of the cake,
and top it with a blue bow. Accent the cake with blue baby items. For a
nice touch, make more signs with specific times on it and glue or tape
them to popsicle sticks. Push the sticks in between the diapers, but
next to an item that represents that time.

Edible cake
A round sheet cake with a drawing or graphic of a clock. Instead of
numbers for the clock, use baby items.

-Sugar cookies with clocks drawn on them. Put the cookies in clear bags
and tie them with a blue ribbon.

-White mesh bags with chocolates wrapped in blue foil.

Around the Clock baby shower Gifts
-Just bring in a gift associated with the time of day on your invite.

Thank you cards
White paper with a picture of a clock, same as the baby shower

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