Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Shower Thank You Cards

Now that the celebration has passed, you will have to send out baby
shower thank you cards to all of the guests. It has always been proper
etiquette to
thank the guests for taking the time to celebrate with you, and you
also want to express your appreciation for the gifts.

Your goal is to be as personable as possible. So I
would suggest buying blank cards so that you can write a unique message
to each guest.

As the hostess, you should be there to help out with the
cards, but this is one area where the mom-to-be will do most of the

If you decide to get thank you cards to match you theme, you
can find many of them at stationary stores. There are also tons of
websites that offer very unique and personalized cards.

Use the following tips as a guide to writing your
Baby Shower Thank you Cards :

Be Specific :
Make sure you mention the specific gift in each note. Do not simply say
“thank you for your gift. I really appreciate it.”

If someone gave you baby clothing, let them know that you are
aware of exactly what they gave. Say something like “thank you so much
for the baby clothes you bought for us. I really like the pink and
white dress with the matching shoes. I can’t wait to see our baby in
that outfit in the spring.”

Trust me; a statement like this will certainly put a smile on
the guest’s face.

Do Not Over-Exaggerate :
In regards to the first tip, do not over-exaggerate your statements.
People can sense when you’re being phony.

If someone gives you jewelry for the baby (such as a pair of
earrings or a bracelet), do not say something like “thanks so much for
the bracelet. I’ll make sure she wears it every day!” This sounds like
you’re over-doing it.

“Thanks so much for the bracelet. It will be a great touch to
her baby outfits” sound more reasonable.

Be Honest :
If you received a gift that you do not like, you still need to thank
the guest for their time and effort.

Let’s say your grandmother knitted a hat, scarf and mitten set
for your baby, but you do not care for the design. Even if you’ve
already decided that you will never use the set, keep in mind that
someone took the time to make it for you; and for that alone, they
deserve a “thank you”.

So, instead of saying something like “thank you for the hat,
scarf and mitten set. I absolutely love it!”, you can simply say “thank
your for the hat, scarf and mitten set. I really appreciate you taking
the time to make it for us.”

Not only will you express your thanks, but you will also
acknowledge that she hand-crafted her gift!

Additional tips and advice for your Baby Shower Thank
You Cards :

*Try to get your cards out as soon as possible. 1 to 2 weeks after the
shower will be good.

*Be sure to send the correct card to each guest.

*You can add a special touch to your card by adding a small baby shower
add-on, such as a pink or blue ribbon, diaper pin, or even a picture of
the baby (if he/she has arrived).

*Let the guests know that they will also be receiving birth
announcements in the near future. They will certainly look forward to
learning that the baby has finally arrived!

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