Baby shower scrapbooking is the perfect activity for your guests to get involved

shower scrapbooking…
Get ready for loads of fun!

Baby shower scrapbooking is such a popular hobby these days,
and it’s a must that new moms have their personal scrapbook as a
keepsake for their celebration.

But, with all the diaper changing and late night feedings,
when does a new mom have time to put one together? Never! So, have your
baby shower guests help her out by letting them create a scrapbook.

First, you will need the proper supplies. Go to any department, arts
& crafts, or office supply store and select the perfect baby
shower book.

You will also need stick glue, scissors, baby shower clipart,
baby magazines, and your guests knowledge and imagination. If you can
also have a Polaroid camera, that would be helpful.

At some point during the baby shower, announce to your guests
that they will be putting the book together for the guest of honor. You
can either have all the guests work on their entries at the same time,
or you can pass the book around and let each guest work on one page at
a time.

Here are some sample entries for the perfect baby
shower scrapbook:

  • New mom advice
  • Baby poems
  • Pregnant pics of the mom-to-be
  • Baby clipart
  • Current baby news
  • Baby pics of the mom-to-be
  • Baby predictions
  • Pictures of the decorations, guests, and gifts
  • Baby related jokes
  • Anything else that’s baby related

How to create your scrapbook…

Tips for adding pictures

When you start creating the scrapbook, you’ll want to use glue or
transparent tape as adhesive for any pictures or magazine clippings.
Always choose one picture or clipping as the “focal point”, or main
entry of the page.

The main picture doesn’t necessarily have to be placed in the
middle of the page, but just make sure you somehow note its purpose.
For instance, attach a small ribbon to only the main picture. Another
option is to just add one picture on a page with a subtle background.
Add a “flow” to your page by angling some of the pictures. A small 5 or
10 degree angle is more than enough.

Tips for adding literature

Make sure you write in pencil or erasable ink, just in case you make a
mistake when you’re writing. You can also handwrite your entry on
cardstock and mat that to the page.

Write your entry in pretty pastels. People associate pastel
colors with babies, so this will be a nice touch.

Accent your literature with baby stickers or cute baby

These scrapbooking tips and ideas will be a hit at your baby
shower. Your guests will have a great time participating in this arts
& crafts project because they’ll be creating a handmade gift
for the guest of honor. And, as a great host, you’ll be providing great
entertainment for your guests.

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