Little sport baby shower

Guys, Have No Fear,
This is a Little Sport Baby Shower

If the parents are expecting a baby boy, a little sport baby
theme is the perfect way to get the dad and all his friends involved.


Use white paper with different pictures of sports balls for the
background. Start the invitation by saying “Their little sport is on
the way!”


Select a color scheme for your little sport baby shower. If the parents
have a favorite sports team, use the colors for that team. If not, you
can use blue and white since the baby is a boy, or use lots of
different colors. These decorations will use blue and white.

Head Table:
-Blue tablecloth with white tableware.
-A few plush sporting items on the table.
-White baby shower confetti.

Guest tables:
-White tablecloths with blue tableware.

-Blue and white centerpieces.

-Blue baby shower confetti.

Small accents:
– Blue and white streamers along the ceilings.

-Make some basketball, football and soccer ball cut-outs and attach a
string to them. Tape the string to the ceiling to let the cut-outs hang
-Blue and white balloons throughout the room.

Guest of honor chair:
-Tape some large sports cut-outs (footballs, basketballs, catcher’s
mitt, etc) all around the chair.

Buffet table:
-Blue tablecloth with white baby shower confetti.
-Large white or silver serving utensils with blue ribbons tied to the


-Plush teddy bears with sports jerseys on.

–Sports cookie bouquet.

Diaper cake

Blue and white ribbons around each tier, with some plush footballs,
baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls. Use some blue baby
items(pacifier, washcloths, security blanket, bottle, etc.) as well.

Edible cake

3D cake in the shape of a sports jersey or sports ball.


-Personalized catchers mitts.
-Hollow sports balls filled with candies.

-Bottles and/or cans of beer with blue and white ribbons tied around
them (for the men).

Little Sport Baby Shower Gifts

-Teddy bear with a sports jersey and baseball cap.

-Baby sized sports jersey or tee shirt.

-Sports bedroom décor for the nursery.

Thank you cards

Use a card similar to your invitations. Use white paper with sports
graphics for your background. Say something like “thanks for showering
our little sport.”

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