Girl Baby Shower using the “It’s a Girl” Theme

a Girl Baby Shower

The new baby girl is sure to be pretty in pink, and using the
It’s a Girl baby shower theme is the perfect way to welcome her into
the world.


A simple white invitation with pink lettering will do for this theme.
You can use the traditional rectangular shaped paper, or use paper in
the shape of a carriage or a pair of booties. For either option, you
can add a small accent to the invitation, such as a pink “It’s a Girl”
pin or piece of confetti.

Decorations: Your main color will be pink,
and most hostesses choose white as the other color. For all the
suggestions below, you can use silver, gold or even brown instead of

Head Table:
-Pink tablecloth with pink and white tableware.
-Pink/white centerpiece and/or cake, and small party favors.
-Pink and white balloons on the back of each table.

-It’s a Girl confetti scattered on the table.

Guest tables:
-On every other table, use a pink tablecloth with white tableware, and
a white tablecloth with pink tableware. You can also use tablecloths
with both colors.

-Small pink/white centerpiece on each table.

-It’s a girl baby shower confetti.

Small accents:
-Pink and white streamers along the ceiling and/or the windows and
-Pink and white balloons throughout the room.
-It’s a Girl banner behind the head table.

Guest of honor chair:
-Outline it with pink and white bows.

-Attach a large “It’s a Girl” balloon to the back of the chair.

-Perhaps add a pink throw blanket as well.

Buffet table:
-White tablecloth with pink streamers along the front.
-Small pink ribbons on the ends of the serving utensils.


-Pink and white flower bouquet with a white laced bow around the vase
would be perfect.
–Baby in carriage: For this centerpiece, buy a small carriage (for the
size of a doll) and decorate it with white lace. Also buy a small baby
figurine and glue it to the inside of the carriage. Use a piece of a
pink sheet to cover the figurine.

Diaper cake
Pink ribbons around each tier, and a cascade of pink flowers and bows
down one of the sides. Use pink washcloths, pacifiers, booties, and
baby lotion bottles for the gifts.

Edible cake
A sheet cake with pink and white icing. Write “It’s a Girl” on the cake
draw a pair of pink booties.


-Small pink candles
-Plush toys

-Little baby figurines wrapped in a pink blanket

-It’s a girl baby shower lollipops or cookies

Gifts from guests:

If you want to buy a gift related to the baby shower theme, then
anything pink and white will be perfect. Here are some suggestions:

-Pink and white onesies, booties and socks

-Pink security blanket

-Pink and white robe

-Pink and white summer dress, shoes, tee shirts

-Pink and white hat, scarf and glove set

Thank you cards:

Get or make some cards that almost match your invitations. Use white
paper with pink writing, or use black writing with a pink “thank you”
graphic in the background.

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