Safari baby shower ideas

a “wild” party by throwing a
Safari Baby Shower

A safari baby shower or any animal baby shower theme is
perfect for a mom-to-be who loves the outdoors, wildlife, and cute,
cuddly animals. Here are some ideas that will bring this party to life.


Start the invitation with something like “Please join us for a Safari
Baby Shower!” Use various pictures of trees, leaves and baby animals
for your background.

For this theme, you can either select a color scheme, or have
multi-colored decorations. You want to definitely have brown and green
in your colors in order to have that “safari” feel, but you can easily
incorporate pink, blue or any other color into your decorations. These
decorating ideas will be based on a multi-colored scheme.

King of the Jungle Baby Shower Box
King of the Jungle Baby Shower Box

From: Birthday in a Box
Queen of the Jungle Baby Shower Box
Queen of the Jungle Baby Shower Box

From: Birthday in a Box

Head Table:
– A white tablecloth with a different color plate set at each seat.

-Little animal shaped candles or figurines in front of each plate. Use
a different animal for each seat.

-Safari baby shower confetti scattered on the table.

Guest tables:
-Make each table a different color, using that color for the
tablecloths, tableware, and centerpieces. Or, use a white tablecloth
for all the tables and use different colored tableware at each table.
In either case, make sure you use the same colors that are in you head

-For the centerpieces, use a tree plush toy or a real plant, and
surround it with little safari animal figurines. You can find other
suggestions under the “centerpieces” section of this page.

-Safari baby shower confetti on the tables.

Small accents:
-Instead of using streamers, use synthetic vines to hang across the
ceilings and along the windows and doors.

-A couple of large safari animal plush toys in two corners of the room.

Guest of honor chair:
– Use some of the synthetic vines to drape on the back and arms of the
-Surround the chair with some plush toys.

Buffet table:
-White tablecloth with 3 or 4 different colored table runners. Place
the runners from the back of the table to the front, instead of side to
side, so they can be seen.
-Brown serving utensils with various colored bows tied at the ends.


-Real plants in an animal shaped pot. Use a different animal for each

–Animal plush toys in diapers or holding a baby bottle.

-Little animal figurines placed around a plant.

Diaper cake

Use a different color ribbon around each tier, and top the cake with a
safari animal plush toy. Use different colored baby items, such as
washcloth, bottles, pacifiers, etc, as the gifts.

Edible cake

A sheet cake with a tree drawn in brown and green icing. Add 3 or 4
safari animal figurines or candles in one of the corners. You can also
use a 3D cake in the shape of a tree.


-Safari animal baby candles or soaps.
-Small plush toys with a personalized ribbon.

-different colored mesh bags filled with chocolate candies in brown and
green paper. Add a white personalized ribbon to the bags.

Safari baby shower gifts

-Animal plush toys.

-Crib sheet and blanket set with safari animals on it.

Thank you cards

Use white paper with brown writing, and outline the invitation in
green. As an option, use an animal graphic for the background.

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