A Pooh Baby Shower will bring out the kid in everyone.

Pooh Baby Shower Planning Ideas

winnie the pooh baby shower

The Pooh
baby shower is sure to be a crowd please for guests of all ages,
because everybody loves those cute characters. These
decorations are based on a celebration for a girl, but this theme
can also be used for a boy.

Pooh Baby Shower

-Use white paper with your choice of colored writing, and Winnie the
Pooh character graphics for the background.


Many hostesses use the Baby Pooh colors for a baby shower, which are
mint green and brown, pink and purple. When I threw a shower for my
sister, who was having a girl, I used a variety of colors throughout
the room. Here is how I decorated for this theme:
Head Table:
-Baby Pooh tablecloth and tableware.
-Pink and yellow party favors in random places on the table.

-Pink and yellow shower confetti scattered on the table.

Guest tables:
-Choose one color for each table and make all the decorations that
color. For example, if you chose pink for one table, baby blue for
another, yellow for another, etc, you would use a pink tablecloth,
tableware, centerpiece and confetti for the pink table.

-You can also choose just one or two colors, and use them

Small accents:
-Lots of different colored streamers and balloons.
-Personalized Baby Pooh banner behind the head table.

-Different pictures of the Pooh characters on the walls.

Guest of honor chair:
-For whatever colors you chose for your guests tables, use matching
colored balloons and bows to decorate the chair.
-If you have them, surround the chair with lots of Pooh plush toys.

Buffet table:
-A colored or white tablecloth with different colored streamers along
the front.

-Silver serving utensils with different colored bows tied at the ends.

-Blue baby shower confetti scattered on the table (but make sure you
don’t put any too close to the heat).


-Baby Pooh plush toys with a diaper on them.

–Baby Pooh cookie bouquet.

-Multi-colored floral centerpiece surround with small pooh figurines.

Diaper cake

Use a different colored ribbon around each tier. Top the cake with a
Pooh plush toy, and use various colored washcloths, pacifiers, booties,
and baby lotion bottles for the gifts.

Edible cake

A sheet cake with a Baby Pooh graphic on it. You can also put an
inscription in one of the corners (so you won’t cover the graphic), or
put the graphic on one side of the cake and the inscription on the


-Various colored baby candles.
-Small Pooh plush toys with a personalized ribbon.

-Various colored mesh bags filled with candies.

Pooh Baby Shower

-Pooh plush toys.

-Baby Pooh crib sheet and/or blanket.

-Baby Pooh clothing.

Thank you cards

Create thank you cards that will almost match your invitations. Use a
Pooh graphic for the background, or you can buy some Baby Pooh cards,
which will have a graphic on the front.

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your own to add? Share
them with us!

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