Baby Shower Games to Liven up the Party!

Ideas for your Baby Shower

you want to make sure your guests are having fun, use baby shower games
to liven up the party. This is a great way to keep your guests
entertained because it’s fun and does not require you to do much. You
should play games at random times throughout the shower to keep the
guests involved.

Be prepared with at least 5 games, but you can play as little
or as
much as you’d like. And don’t forget to also come prepared with prizes
for the winners!

suggestions for game prizes here.

If you need ideas for baby shower games, consider these choices:

In My Lifetime, I…

This is a great game to play at the beginning of the shower.
Have the guests mingle with each other for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then
pass around a sheet with a list of things people could have done in
their lifetime. Here are some examples of statements you can use:

1. I traveled to a foreign country.

2. I am retired.

3. This is my first time at a baby shower.

Read each statement aloud and give the guest a few minutes to
write down the people who did those things. Then you can see how much
the guests learned about each other!

Another variation to this game would be to pass out the sheet
before the guests mingle. They can add names to their sheet as they
talk with the other guests, and you can award a prize to the first
person who finds someone who did each statement listed on the sheet.

Unwrap The Gift

Start with a gift that has been wrapped in multiple layers of
wrapping paper. Pass the gift around to each guest, and have them
remove one layer of paper each time they have it in their hands. The
guest who takes off the last layer gets to keep that gift.

Who knows Mommy Best

Write down a list of things pertaining to the mom-to-be. Try to
think of some things that many of the guests may not know. You can ask
things like:

1. What is the mom’s middle name?

2. What is her favorite TV show?

3. How many children does she want to have in her lifetime?

Read each question aloud, and have the guests write down their
guess. Whoever has the most correct answers wins.

Guess The Mom

For this baby shower game, you may have to do a little research,
depending on how well you know all of the guests. Gather some
information about the moms and their kids and make a lists of
statements about them. Here are some examples:

1. This mom has a daughter who teaches at _____ School.

2. This mom has 2 sons, ages 16 and 20.

3. One of this mom’s children is currently attending _____ College.

Again, you may want to have the guests mingle with each other
for a few minutes, and stress to them that they want to find out about
the all moms and their children. This will let the guests know not to
spend too much time talking to someone who’s not a mother. After the
guests have mingled, read the statements aloud, and the guests have to
guess which mom you are talking about.

How Big Is Mommy’s Stomach?

This is one of the fun but easy baby shower games. All you have
to do is give each guest a piece of paper, and have them write down how
big they think the soon to be mom’s stomach is. After everyone writes
down their guess, use a tape measure to get the actual number. Whoever
guesses the correct measurement (or whoever comes the closest) wins.

Baby shower memory game

Fill a plastic bag with about 10 – 20 baby items. Pass the bag
around to each guest and give them about a minute to look in the bag.
After all the guests have looked, close the bag, give them a sheet of
paper, and have them write down as much as they can remember of what
was in the bag. Whoever remembers the most items wins.

Don’t Say “Baby”!

This baby shower game will keep your guests on their toes, and
provide some good laughs. At some point, give each of your guests a
small baby shower object such as a diaper pin, baby sticker, etc. Tell
them that from this point on, no one is allowed to say the word “baby”.
Each time someone is caught saying that word, whoever caught them gets
to take their object. Here’s the tricky part: Even if someone gets
their object taken away, they can still take away someone else’s, so be
careful! When you decide to end the game, whoever has the most objects

More baby shower games…

shower bingo

This is one of the most popular games
at baby
celebrations.  All
you need are some baby
bingo cards and some plastic diaper coins. 
Just like regular bingo, call out random items on the
guests cards, and
if they a slot on their card that matches what you call out, they will
that slot with one of their coins. 
first person to have a complete line of items covered (vertical,
horizontal or
diagonal) wins Bingo!

the words

Make a list of about 20 baby related
word.  Mix up the
letters and have the guests try to
unscramble them as fast as they can. 
Here are some words you can use:

Taletar – Rattle

Redpai – Diaper

Ircb – Crib

was on the tray?

Fill a tray with a lot of baby stuff. 
You can pile stuff on top
of each other, but
try to place them in a way that every item can be seen. 
Slowly walk around the room with the tray,
and make sure everybody has a good look at it. 
Or you can just display it on a table for a while. 
After a few minutes, cover
the tray, and have
the guests write down as much stuff as they can remember that was on
tray.  Whoever can
name the most stuff

cotton ball baby shower game

Fill one large bowl with cotton balls.  Place
another empty bowl
about a food away
from it.  See who
can transfer the cotton
balls, one by one, from the filled bowl to the empty one. 
This may sound easy to do,
but you’ll be
surprised at how many cotton balls will get dropped on the table
instead of in
the bowl.


Look online for some baby pictures of
famous people.  Print
the pictures and make a collage.  See
who can guess who the celebrity is. 
Make it more interesting and mix in some of
the guests pictures with the celebrity pics.

Price is Right – Baby shower version

Display about 5 common baby items on
a table, along with
cards that tell how much the item costs. 
Make sure the cards are face down, so your guests can’t
see the
prices.  Everyone
will have to guess how
much each item costs.  And
guess is closest to the actual price wins.

Bean Bottle game

Fill little bottles with jelly beans
or some other small
candy.  Try to guess
how many candies are
in the bottles.  You
can use the bottles
as party favors too.  Add
a personalized
ribbon to the bottles, and give them away to the winners.

lanes bowling

If you are looking for co-ed baby shower games, this one is a big hit.  Line up small baby bottles just as
you would pins at a
bowling alley.  Let
guests use a plush
ball to try to knock down as many bottles as they can. 
You may have to make this a tabletop game,
depending on how easily the ball will roll across the floor.

in my shirt

See who can stuff their shirt with
the most balloons without
popping any of them.  Use
small or medium
sized balloons for this baby shower game. 
The larger ones will not work too well.

Want some more baby shower games to play? Check
out this site for some great

Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting
baby shower games:

*Don’t play all the games back-to-back. Spread them out during
the course of the shower to add variety.
*If you are going to play games that require movement, make sure the
room is set up accordingly.

*Add some variety to your game prizes. Try not to give each
winner the same gift.

*Make sure you come prepared with enough pencils and paper for
games that require writing.

*Make sure the mom-to-be is in the mood for whatever games you
choose. Remember, it’s all about her!

*And of course, have fun!!

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