The family tree is a unique baby shower idea.

Family Tree baby shower

family tree baby shower is the perfect way to incorporate cultural
traditions into your party. With this theme idea, you can remember the
past, admire the present and celebrate the future.

Use white paper with a large tree graphic as
the background. Use green or brown for the inscription writing, and
start the invite with “Kayla and Jeff are adding a branch to their
family tree.”

In keeping with the idea of trees, mint green
and brown or gold is a great choice for this baby shower theme. And
this color scheme can be used for a boy or girl.

Head Table
-Solid mint green tablecloth topped with a brown or gold laced
-Mint green and brown/gold tableware, alternated at each seat.
-Silk leaves scattered around the table.
a small synthetic plant with strong branches as the centerpiece. On
each branch, hang a picture of the family members. Make sure at least
each member of the immediate family is included.

Guest tables
-Brown/gold tablecloths.

-Brown/gold tableware.

-Silk leaves scattered on the tables.

-Small houseplants surrounded by mint green votive candles.

–Candy dish filled with chocolates.

Small accents
-1 or 2 large or medium sized house plants, accented with more

-A family tree chart displayed somewhere in the room.

Guest of honor chair

-Wrap a silk garland around the arms of the chair.

-Green and brown/gold balloon bouquet tied to the back of the chair.

Buffet table
-Mint green tablecloth.

-2 small houseplants on each end of the table.

Diaper cake
Use a brown or gold ribbon around each tier,
and top the cake with a bow, same color as the ribbons. Use green baby
shower items to accent the cake. Also tape a few silk leaves randomly
on the cake.

Edible cake
A sheet cake that says “Congratulations Johnson Family”. Use green and
brown icing for a tree drawing on the cake.

-Small houseplants or flower seeds.

-Green mesh bags filled with chocolates, and a brown personalized
ribbon with gold inscription.

Gift ideas
-Brown or green fleece blanket.
-Brown or gold picture frame set.

Green, brown or gold photo album.

Thank you cards
Make your thank you cards match the baby shower invitations.

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