Baby shower crafts that are both fun and unique

shower crafts…Let’s have some fun!

You can use Baby shower crafts to add
excitement to your party. They are not only fun to do, but they can
save you a lot of money.

Here is a list of DIY ideas that you can use for making gifts and party
favors, or as fun activities for your guests.

With all of these baby shower crafts,
you can find everything you’ll need at a craft store, dollar store, and
department stores (in the baby section).

Let’s get started…


– As with many craft ideas, the diaper cake can be used as both a
centerpiece and a gift. This page has step-by-step instructions for
making your own.

sock roses

– Sock roses are easy to make and unlike the real thing, their beauty
will never fade! The mom-to-be can keep this nice floral arrangement as
is, or she can use the socks to keep those 10 little toes warm. Visit
this page for step-by-step instructions.

– Do you want some baby shower craft ideas to put inside the keepsake
box? This is the perfect one. Visit this page for some unique
scrapbooking ideas.

bottle favors
– Learn how to make a cute party favor for your
guests. It’s a creative favor idea that’s actually two gifts in one.

Baby soaps – What could be cuter than soap
in the shape
of a baby bottle or booties? You make soaps in any baby shape. All you
have to do is melt a bar of handmade soap in a pot. Keep a close eye on
the pot and remove it from the heat as soon as it melts. Then, just
pour your liquid soap in a mold and let it sit until completely cooled.

Baby keepsake box – Every new mom needs a
cute decorated
box for her baby’s keepsakes. You can buy a plain wooden box from any
craft store, and let your imagination run wild with paints, stickers,
glitter, jewels, and anything else you can think of.

Gift baskets – Your possibilities are
endless here. You
can make baskets for baby clothing, feeding supplies, baby safety,
toys, or stuff for the mom-to-be. And they are easy to assemble.
take the feeding basket for example. Just buy lots of jars of baby
food, bibs, bottles, nipples, etc, and arrange them neatly in a basket.
For an extra touch, place a baby blanket at the bottom. Wrap your
basket with cellophane and use a ribbon or bow to hold it in place.

Decorated cookie favors – Here’s a great
idea for baby
shower crafts and favors. Before the shower, bake a few dozen sugar
cookies. Round cookies will be fine, but shaped ones will work even
better. You can find cookie cutters at a dollar or craft store.
different color icings on hand, and let your guests decorate the
cookies. You can even make a contest out of it. And remember, take
pictures of the cookies before you eat them!

As you can see, there are tons of baby shower crafts that
you can use to make your party extra special. With any of these ideas,
your guests will have a chance to participate and interact with each
other, and your guest of honor will appreciate the handmade work.

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