Creative Baby Shower Centerpieces

Baby Shower Centerpieces

There are plenty of baby shower
that will go perfectly with your decorations and overall theme. So you
want to choose one that will grab everyone’s attention as soon as they
arrive.  Get
ideas for baby shower decorations here.

Traditionally, hostesses have used
arrangements for
centerpieces. But as time goes on, the variety of choices continue to

For your party,
for the tables that will match your theme in both color and style. If
the theme is
more elegant, such as the “princess” or “prince charming” themes, then
the traditional floral arrangement would be idea. But if your theme is
more modern, like one suited for a couples shower, browse through some
of these new and unique baby shower centerpieces.

Diaper Cake
A Diaper cake is one of the most creative baby shower centerpiece
ideas. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they are filled with
useful items for the mommy-to-be. If you want to try to make your own, click
here for instructions.


This is a more traditional centerpiece, but there plenty of ways to
spruce it up. You can use real or synthetic flowers, or use actual baby
items to make rose petals. Make sure you also select a nice vase for
the flowers, and accent it with a nice ribbon or bow.

Balloon bouquet

Simple, yet elegant. Attach two to four balloons to paperweight and
make sure they both match your theme. For example, if you’re using the
rubber ducky theme, use red and yellow balloons, and use a small yellow
ducky for your paperweight.

Cookie Bouquet
Here’s one of the popular baby shower centerpieces that can have
double duty at your party. After the shower is over, serve the cookies
for dessert.


Floating or standing candles can go well with any theme or color
scheme. Whether you light them or not, they can also be party favors.

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Teddy bears
Want something to remind your guests how soft and cuddly a baby can be?
A teddy bear centerpiece will do just that. You can dress the teddy
bear to match your theme. If you’re using the little diva theme, dress
the bear in a pair of sunglasses and costume jewelry.

Poem in a frame

I know what you’re thinking…how can a piece of paper in a frame be
eye-catching? Just use a frame with a color that matches the theme, and
think outside the box when selecting a font face and color. If
possible, use a different poem for each table.

Candies and

Another double duty item. Use eye attracting chocolates for your
centerpiece. Chocolates come wrapped in all colors, so you can easily
find one to match your decorations. Or, you can put some candy in a
small carriage or decorated box. When the shower is over, let the
guests take the candy home as party favors.

Holiday themed

Are you feeling festive about more than just the baby shower? Add some
holiday flare to your celebration simply by using a holiday
centerpiece. For example, if it’s the Christmas season, use small trees
and decorate them with baby booties and pacifiers.

Pictures of the

Let everyone see the expectant mom during various stages of her
pregnancy. Try to use a different picture for each table, and make sure
some of them are recent.

Here are a couple of tips
to keep
in mind
about baby
shower centerpieces.

*Use the same style for
your head
and guest

You’ll want to keep the theme constant throughout the entire room. So
make sure your guest tables match the head table. All you have to do is
use the same item, but make the head table centerpiece a little larger.

*You want the centerpieces
to be
“center” of
attention, but don’t let them get in the way of conversation.

When your guests are seated at the tables, make sure they can easily
see everyone without the centerpiece blocking their view. This also
applies for your head table. So if that centerpiece is rather large,
consider putting it on a separate table next to the head table.

*Stick to your budget.

Your baby shower centerpieces should be an eye pleaser, but you don’t
have to break the bank to find the perfect one. As with your favors,
you can find a lot of these suggestions at many dollar and department

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