Easter baby shower for the springtime

baby shower tips and ideas

If your guest of honor is having her baby in the Spring, then
consider the Easter baby shower theme. This theme is filled with pretty
pastels and is suitable for both boys and girls.

If the new baby is a girl, focus on “girly” pastel colors
such as
pink, lavender, and yellow. For a baby boy, you can use blue, mint
green, a light brown and yellow. These decorating ideas will be for a
baby boy.

baby shower themes

-Use a variety of the pastel colors listed above for your invitations,
or use white paper with pastel colored accents.

Head Table:
-Pastel blue tablecloth.
-Light brown tableware.

-Blue Easter bunny plush toy or a baby boy Easter basket as the
-Pastel colored baby shower confetti.

Guest tables:
various colors at each table. For example, a mint green tablecloth with
alternating blue and brown tableware. Try to use a different colored
tablecloth at each table to add variety throughout the room.
-Pastel colored streamers and balloons.
-Blue “it’s a boy” banner behind the head table.

Guest of honor chair:
-Pastel colored balloon bouquet tied to the back of the chair.
-Surround the chair with Easter/springtime themed plush toys.

Buffet table:
-White tablecloth with pastel colored confetti.
-Silver serving utensils with pastel colored bows tied at the ends.

-Small Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs and chocolate candies
wrapped in pastel colored paper.
–Small bowls of party mints.
-Plush Easter bunnies.

Diaper cake
Use a different pastel colored ribbon around each tier. Attach a plush
bunny to the side or top.

Edible cake
A sheet cake with a springtime themed graphic on it, or a 3D cake in
the shape of an egg or Easter bunny.

-Various colored baby candles.
-Pastel colored toy eggs with a personalized ribbon.
-Pastel colored mesh bags filled with chocolate candies.

Easter baby shower gifts
-Easter basket.
-Easter outfit.

Thank you cards
Create thank you cards that will almost match your invitations, or use
paper in the shape of an egg with colorful ink.

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