The moon and stars theme is perfect for that “under the stars” feel

the Moon and Stars Theme to
create the perfect ambience

The moon and stars theme is all about candlelight and
relaxation. These decorating ideas will make the mom-to-be and your
guests feel like they are “under the stars” on a clear and bright

baby shower themes


Use a nice blue paper with little gold stars all over, and start
off with a cute nursery rhyme such as “Twinkle twinkle little star…” or
“Star light, star bright…”

Use blue and gold for the moon and
stars theme. Lots of blue will represent a clear nighttime sky, and the
shiny gold will represent the stars.

Head Table:
-A blue tablecloth with gold tableware.

-Gold star-shaped confetti scattered on the table.

Guest tables:
-Make the tables all blue, or use the same style you used for the head

-Gold centerpieces.

-Gold star-shaped confetti.

Small accents:
-Instead of streamers, string the ceilings with clear Christmas light.
This will give the appearance of stars in the sky.
Blue and gold balloons.

cut-outs of moons and stars on the walls.

Guest of honor chair:
blue wrapping paper or a blue plastic tablecloth and attach it to the
wall behind the chair. String Christmas lights over it, or tape some
moon and stars cut-outs on it.

Buffet table:
-Blue tablecloth with star shaped cut-outs taped on the front and

-Gold serving utensils with blue ribbons tied to the ends.


-Moon and star shaped floating candles in a clear bowl with water.

–Gold candle arrangement-Use about 4 or 5 candles, all different
heights, and surround them with blue star-shaped confetti.

-Gold candle in a hurricane candle holder with blue marbles on the

Diaper cake

Use gold ribbons around each tier, and top the cake with a blue
moon-shaped plush toy. You can also have a cascade of gold stars along
one side. Use blue and gold baby items, such as washcloth, bottles,
pacifiers, etc, as the gifts.

Edible cake

A sheet cake with a graphic of the nighttime sky.


-Blue and gold candles.
-Personalized gold stars.

-Blue mesh bags filled with chocolates wrapped in gold paper. Attach a
personalized gold ribbon with blue writing.

Moon and Stars baby shower Gifts

-Moon & stars sheet and blanket set.

-Mon & stars mobile.

-Star night light for the nursery.

Thank you cards

Use gold paper in the shape of a star, and write your notes in
blue ink. Say something like “We’ll be sure to let you know when our
little star is born.”

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