Baby Shower Food Ideas and recipes

Shower Food Ideas…Yummy!

Using easy recipes will help you with your baby shower food
ideas. Below are a handful of recipe and menu ideas that’s sure to make
your party a success.

Don’t be too surprised when you start getting compliments on
your cooking skills!

First step…select your recipes:

here for baby shower appetizers

here for baby shower main dishes

here for baby shower side dishes

here for baby shower desserts

Now you have some recipe ideas for your celebration.

But, before you finalize your baby shower food ideas,
take into account what time of day you will be having the celebration.
The types of food you serve will depend on this. No matter what time
you choose, there are tons of recipe combinations that will be perfect
for a baby shower, any time of day.

I’m sure you already know what foods fall under the breakfast,
lunch and dinner categories. But the following pages will give you
detailed menu suggestions for foods that are suitable for a brunch
time, afternoon, and evening shower:

food ideas

food ideas

food ideas

Take a look at these suggestions for baby shower food

Keep it simple

You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen on the big day, so try to
choose menu items that can be prepared ahead of time. You can also buy
some foods that are pre-made and simply add your personal touch.

Think about your budget

Depending on how many people you’ve invited, the food may be a little
pricy. Shop around and look out for sales. Buying some items from a
wholesale store like Sam’s Club is a great idea.

Make it a buffet

You already have a lot of duties as the hostess. So instead of having
to serve the guests, let them make their own plates to their liking.

Use disposable tableware

If you want to save yourself some time after the shower is over, think
about using paper or plastic tableware. You can find nice disposable
plates to match your theme or color scheme. If you want to save the
tableware you are using to decorate the tables, supply extra plates
near the buffet table.

Get some take-home trays

After the baby shower has ended, you may have some food left over. if
you have a lot left over and you don’t want it all go to waste, let
your guests take some of the food home.

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