A tasty cupcake baby shower is sure to satisfy everybody’s sweet tooth.

Tasty and Colorful Cupcake Baby Shower

baby shower themes

Get your guests ready for icing and sprinkles with the perfect
baby shower. This theme is great for those expectant moms who know
their way around the kitchen.


Use paper in the shape of cupcakes, and say something like “their
little cupcake will be ready soon!”


Use a lots of red, yellow, blue, and pink for this theme, or any other
colors that you would find in sprinkles.

Head Table: White
– tablecloth with a different color tableware set at each seat.

-A small champagne glass filled with sprinkles in front of each plate.

-Multi-colored baby shower confetti.

Guest tables:
-Use a different color for each table, or use the same style you used
for the head table.

-Multi-colored centerpieces, or a different colored centerpiece at each

-Multi-colored baby shower confetti.

Small accents:
– Lots of different colored streamers and balloons.

Guest of honor chair:
-Surround the chair with little plush cupcake toys and balloons.

Buffet table:
-White tablecloth with multi-colored confetti.
-Silver serving utensils with bows tied on the ends.

-Even if you’re having a cake or some other dessert, you should also
have lots of cupcakes to go with the theme. Offer a variety of cake and
icing flavors.


-Plush cupcakes.

–Small cupcake stands on each table.

-Clear bowls filled with sprinkles, with one cupcake sitting on top.

-One large edible cupcake for each table. Use a different icing flavor
for each one.

Diaper cake

Use a white ribbons with a multi-colored design around each tier, and
top the cake with a large plush cupcake. Use different colors for the
baby gifts. If you use a bottle for one of the hidden gifts, fill it
with sprinkles of hard candies.

Edible cake

A large cupcake, large enough for all the guests to share. Write
“Congratulations on your little cupcake”, and use a bright color for
the icing.


-Little plush cupcakes.
-Small personalized bags of cupcake mix.

-Edible cupcake wrapped in colorful plastic. Tie the cupcakes with a
personalized ribbon.

Cupcake baby shower gifts

-Strawberry Shortcake doll.

-Cake mix gift basket for the mom, filled with cake mix, cupcake
wrappers, icing and sprinkles.

-Children’s dessert cookbook.

Thank you cards

Use white paper and write your thank you with bright and colorful ink.
Attach a colorful add-on such as ribbons, bows or stickers.

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