Baby shower gifts

Shower Gifts

Everybody wants to know what everybody else bought for baby
shower gifts. You want to see the biggest and brightest smile on the
expectant mom’s face when she opens your present,
so choose wisely.

Your best bet is to just choose something from the parents’ baby
because they picked those items themselves.

But if you want to surprise the parents with something special
and unique, do a lot of comparison shopping for baby shower gifts, and
you’ll be sure to come up with something that will put a smile on
everybody’s face.

Below are some ideas for baby necessities,
personalized and hand-made items, and even some fun stuff for the

Baby Feeding Gifts

*Baby tableware set

*Baby bottle sterilizer and/or warmer

*Bib and burp cloth set

*Nursing shawl

*Baby food cookbook

*Baby food gift basket

Baby changing gifts

*Diaper genie

*Wipes warmer

*Diaper bag

*Diaper Depot

*Changing pads and covers

*Portable wipes carrier

*Diapering gift basket or Diaper

Baby bathing gifts

*Washcloth and towel set

*Baby robe

*Infant/newborn bathtub

*Grooming kit

*Baby body wash and lotion set

Baby Clothes and outerwear

*Lots of onesies, tee shirts and cotton pants

*Sweaters and jeans

*Jacket and winter coat

*Sandals, sneakers, booties

One baby outfit for each season

Baby furniture and nursery décor


*Baby changing table

*Rocking chair for mom

*Clothes hamper or basket

*Mobile for crib

*Rocking chair for mom




*Plush toys


*Baby walker

*Activity playmat

*Rubber ducky or other bath toys

Personalized and Handmade Baby Shower Gifts

*Knitted quilt or pillow

*Personalized picture frame or baby book

*Knitted hat, scarf and glove set

Gifts for the Mom-to-be

*Nursing shawl

*”Pamper yourself” gift basket

*Babysitting voucher – Offer free babysitting to give the new mom some
time to rest!

*Gift Certificate to a spa

here for baby toys and clothes, and great gifts for mom

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Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for
baby shower gifts:

*The baby’s needs are more important than his/her

If you simply cannot decide between a cute baby outfit and a
personalized picture frame, choose the one that the baby can’t go
without. A baby will always need clothes, but the picture frame can

*Shop around before making your final selection.

You might stumble across the perfect gift at the first place you look,
but you could end up spending more than you have to if you don’t shop
around. Many department and baby stores sell the same items, so go to 2
or 3 stores to compare prices. You can also shop online to see if
stores are having any online specials.

*Buy more than just newborn stuff.
Keep in mind that babies grow fast. So if you’re buying clothes, shoes
or toys, consider buying both newborn gifts along with things the baby
can use during the months after infancy. A great
idea for clothing is to buy three outfits as one present; one for a
newborn, one for a 12 month old, and one for a 24 month old.

*Check the baby registry.
Even if you do not plan to use the registry, you still may end up
buying something that someone else has already purchased. So check the
registry to make sure you don’t buy a duplicate item.

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