Princess baby shower

for your Princess Baby Shower

Make sure your guests are ready for a royal celebration. A
Princess Baby Shower will make everyone feel like they are a part of
something special.

baby shower themes


Start your invitation with an inscription such as, “They’re having a
little princess!” Accent the invite with some lace or use a tiara
graphic for the background.

Select your color scheme first. Some popular “princess” colors are
pink, purple, or red, all matched with white or gold. These ideas are
based on the red and gold color scheme.
Head Table:
-Red tablecloth with gold and tableware.
-Red/gold centerpiece and/or cake, and small party favors.
-Red and gold balloons on the back of each table.

Guest tables:
-Gold tablecloths with red tableware, or white tablecloths with a
mixture of red and gold tableware.

-Small red and gold centerpiece on each table.

Small accents:
-Buy some streamers in the shaper of tiaras, crowns or princess
cut-outs for the streamers, and hang them along the ceiling and/or the
windows and doors.
-Gold balloons with a red ribbon underneath, attached to a gold string.

-Red and gold marbles in a candy dish.

Guest of honor chair:
Create a “throne” by using a rather large chair and covering it with
red velvet cloth. Accent the chair with some gold lace.

Buffet table:
-Red tablecloth accented with gold lace along the front.
-Large gold serving utensils.
-Create a banner that say “Royal Buffet” to hang behind the buffet


-Gold crown surrounded by red flower petals

–Red and Gold crystals: Use a clear or crystal bowl and fill it with
inexpensive costume jewels. Surround the bowl with some red baby items
(booties, teether, comb & brush, etc).

Diaper cake

Use red and gold lace interchangeably around each tier, and top the
cake with a tiara or crown. Use red washcloths, pacifiers, booties, and
baby lotion bottles for the gifts.

Edible cake

A 3D cake in the shape of a crown or princess. Use an inscription, such
as “Welcome little Princess”. Buy a gold cake cutter and tie a red
ribbon on the end of it, and place it near the cake.


-Red and gold personalized candle tins with a crown or tiara on it.
-Chocolate candies with red and gold wrapping paper.

Gifts from guests:

-Teddy bear with a tiara or crown on the head.

-Red dress with small a piece of gold jewelry.

-“Princess” themed crib sheets and blanket.

Thank you cards:

Start off with something like “Thanks for attending our royal
celebration…”. If your colors will be red and gold, use red paper with
gold writing, and be sure to choose a fancy script.

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