Be my Valentine baby shower theme

My Valentine Baby Shower ideas

The Valentine baby shower is one of the theme ideas that can
be used all year round, even though it’s mainly used in February.

The concept of this theme is to celebrate all things “lovely”.

Use red paper in the shape of a heart and try to incorporate the words
“be my valentine” in your wording. Here’s a cute example:

“Seems like it was just yesterday when he said to her “be my
valentine”. And now they’re having a baby!”

all know that red is associated with this day, so it’s a good idea to
use that color for your décor. We also think about chocolate for
Valentine’s day. So use a red and brown color scheme, which can be use
for a boy or girl.

Head Table
-A solid red tablecloth.
-Brown tableware.
-Champagne or martini glasses filled with chocolates.
-Brown heart-shaped confetti scattered on the table.

-A Valentine themed centerpiece.

Guest tables
-Red and/or brown centerpieces.
-Brown heart-shaped confetti.

Small accents
-Red candles, lit or not, throughout the room.
-Red balloon bouquet.

Guest of honor chair
-Surround the chair with red silk rose petals.
a small side table next to the chair, and put a candy dish and
champagne glass on it. Remember, the guest of honor cannot drink
alcohol, so fill the glass with punch instead.

Buffet table
-Brown tablecloth with red baby shower or heart shaped confetti.
-Red ribbons tied at the ends of the serving utensils.

-Large boxes of chocolates, or candy dishes with chocolates.

–Clear bowl filled with red, heart shaped floating candles.
-Red heart shaped pillows with a baby figurine lying on top.

Diaper cake
cascade of red flowers down one side, brown baby items (bib, pacifier,
etc.), and a red baby bottle filled with chocolates on the top.

Edible cake
A sheet cake, preferably heart shaped. Use red icing to make flowers,
and brown icing for a cute baby shower saying.

-Chocolate candies in a red mesh bag.
-Heart shaped personalized sugar cookies. Use red icing to write
something like “Amy’s baby shower”, or “be my valentine”.

Be my Valentine baby shower Gifts
-Red fleece blanket.
-Chocolate goodies gift basket for the mom.
-Red or brown photo album or porcelain picture frame.

Thank you cards
Let the thank you cards match the invitation, and use brown envelopes.

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