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by Cathy

(New yYork)

My daughter lives in another state. Can I request in the invitation that gifts be ordered online and forwarded to and sent to her home address? Can gift cards be suggested and ask them to mention what they would like the gift card used for? Thank you. Cathy

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Baby Shower Etiquette –

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Feb 28, 2012

mom won’t be there

by: Anonymous

How about the wording for the shower where the expectant mom won’t be there? She lives in NV and we are all in NJ – her mom is having it at a restaurant and wants the gift either shipped to their house or to the BRU in NV where they wont have to pay for shipping. Help with the wording so it doesn’t sound like a book!!!!

Mar 02, 2010

online oreders are great

by: Sofia

I think that it is a terrifc idea to ask guest to order online and have items sent directly to her. My sister didn’t do this and she ended up having tons of gifts at my mom’s house that we had to ship to her home. It cost hundreds of dollars to have the gifts shipped.

I would ask guest to order online, but print a picture of what they ordered so that she can see what they got her at the shower. I wouldn’t however ask guest to tell what they would like her to spend the gift card on. Because there may be other items that she needs more.

I do agree with Cathy though, your daught should just let people know what she spent the gift card/money one. Also you could have guest check out www.creativebabydesigns.com for cute gifts that can be shipped after the shower so that they can extend the party/celebration.

Dec 29, 2009

Here’s my answer

by: Cathy


It’s perfectly fine to request that guests purchase online and have the gifts sent directly to your daughter. That makes perfect sense because they will eventually have to be shipped to your daughter anyway.

However, I do not suggest asking guests to tell your daughter how to use the gift cards. Your guests should trust that if they do send a gift card, it will be used to purchase something for the baby, something that the parents will need.

When your daughter sends out her thank you cards, she should, however, let her guests know what she bought with their gift card. That would be a nice gesture.

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