Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist

Use this baby shower checklist to help you every step of the
with your party planning. Using a checklist is an easy way to make sure
you don’t forget anything for the big celebration.

If you’ve already started planning a shower, then you know
things can easily get hectic. The best way to stay on trackis to follow
a simple baby shower checklist.
 A checklist will tell you when to do what, and will
sure that you’ll remember every important detail of your baby shower

Important tip: Allow yourself about 8 weeks to
get everything together.  I would suggest printing out this
shower checklist, or write out your own list, similar to this one.

8 weeks before the shower:

You may already know which theme you want to use, but if you want
time to ponder on different ideas, now is the time. Think about the
mom’s personality, and select a theme that you know she will be please
with. Click here for a list of baby shower themes.

6 to 7 weeks before:

a. Start creating your baby registry. The easiest
way to
create a registry is to simply make a list of everything you think the
baby will need. Remember to include clothing, diapering needs, feeding
supplies, toys, etc. Click here for a sample baby shower registry.

b. Select at date, time, and place.
Make sure the guest of honor will be available for the proposed date.
And, even though you do not know how many people are coming yet, make
sure your proposed location can accommodate the number of people you
think will attend.

5 to 6 weeks before:
Select and mail your invitations,
and keep a list of everyone that you invite. Give your guests enough
time to receive the invites and to RSVP. The guests should receive
theme about 1 month before the shower, so send them out about 6 weeks
before. Delivery time will probably be less than 2 weeks, but remember
to play it safe. Be sure to include a registry card and directions to
the location.  Once you cross invitations off of your baby
checklist, you’re already halfway done!

4 to 5 weeks before:
Start getting the decorations.
If you are following this baby shower checklist step by
stey, you
should already know your theme.  So you can start stocking up
tableware, streamers, centerpieces, etc. It may take a few weeks to get
everything you need or want, but start early in order to eliminate the
need for last minute shopping. Do you need more specific ideas, read more about baby shower decorations here.

4 weeks before:

Start keeping track of your RSVPs. As your guests
that they are coming, check them off on your invitation list. You will
need this list to plan your menu, games and favors. You should have a
good idea of how many people are coming about 2 weeks before the

3 weeks before:

a. Plan some games. This step may not take long at
but it’s still an important part of the baby shower checklist.
 It’s best to do this now so that you won’t forget about it.
Select about 5 definite and maybe 3 tentative games. Find a list of games here.

b. Start planning your menu. Again, you’ll want to
all your guests with the food, but try to center the menu around the
guest of honor. Plan your menu according to the time of day you’re
having the shower. And remember, it’s best to have too much food
instead of not enough.
You shouldn’t start buying the food this
early, but definitely start preparing a shopping list now. And don’t
forget about disposable baking pans, serving utensils, etc. Get breakfast, lunch and dinner menu ideas

2 weeks before:

Double-check the following:  This is an
step on your baby shower checklist.  Double-checking will
that everything is right on schedule.

a. your guest list – by this time, your guest list
be complete. If you have not heard from someone whom you expected to
RSVP, think about giving them a follow-up call or email reminder.

b. Your decorations – You will have to wait until
the day
before or the day of for some things like, the balloons and edible
cake. But your tableware, streamers, banners, centerpieces, etc. should
be good to go.

c. Games – You need to finalize your game selections
this point. If some of your games will require the guests to write,
make sure you buy paper and pencils, and whatever else you think you
may need.

d. Party favors and game prizes – Make sure you have
least one favor for everyone on your list. And it’s best to have a few
extra on hand just in case. As for your game prizes, have at least one
prize for each game. And again, have extra in case you have multiple

e. Food shopping list – You can now start buying
some of
the non-perishables on your list, but it’s not a must at this time.
It’s still too early to start the cooking, but trust me, it’s not ever
too early to start the shopping. Make sure you check things off as you
buy them. Whether or not you start shopping at this point, the menu and
shopping list should be completed by now.

1 week before:

a. Relax a bit. Are you getting tired of looking at
baby shower checklist now?  Well, do you realize how much
gotten done by now?? All that’s left are those last minute touches. So
take a day or 2 to kick your feet back.
b. Ok, back to work!
Let’s get started on the final touches. Make sure your party favors and
game prizes are wrapped. Also, do one last check on your guest list;
you may have had more people RSVP at the last minute.

c. If you still have more food shopping to do, now is the time.
You’re going to start preparing the food soon! Also, if you’ve ordered
an edible cake or some party platters, do a follow-up on your order to
make sure everything is in place.

The day before:

a. Start preparing your food. Some dishes can be
the day before and re-heated just before serving time. Others can be
prepared and refrigerated the day before and cooked on the day of. If
you have foods that fit into these categories, get them out of the way
today. Save your easy stuff, like salads and punch for the day of the
event. If you’ve ordered an edible cake or party platters, you can pick
those up today or wait until tomorrow.

b. Make sure you have serving dishes, utensils, large trash
bags, and take-home platters.

c. Start decorating the room. While your food is
the oven, start hanging the streamers and decorating the tables. Wait
until the day of the shower to blow the balloons. Important note: If
you have little children that will be running though the house, you may
want to do all of your decorating on the day of the shower. We all know
how kids can be!

The Big Day:

a. Prepare the rest of your food, and everything
should be
done about 2 hours before the shower starts. If your decorations are
complete, then prepare your buffet table.
b. Make sure your party favors, games and prizes are all set.
You don’t want to have to look for anything once the party starts. So
make sure you know exactly where everything is.

c. Needless to say, you’ll want to do one final check about 2
hours before the shower starts.
Go over your checklist one
last time to make sure everything is taken care of.
d. Last, but not least, when the guests start to arrive, have

After the shower is over:

So, you thought you were done? Not quite. Don’t do away with your
baby shower checklist just yet.  There’s one more task that
to be completed. Send all your guests a thank you card with a personal
not from the mom-to-be. If you wish, you can wait until the baby is
born and include a picture with your card.

Hopefully, this baby shower checklist will be a great help to
you. You
do not have to follow this list exactly as it’s laid out, but it will
give you an overall understanding of when things should be done.
Happy Planning!

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