Various baby shower types

Shower Types
that are quickly becoming a trend

Over the years, people have come up with unique baby shower
types that are very different from the regular celebration. This was
due to people having to deal with certain situations that could not be
avoided, or just wanting to add some new and fun twists to old baby
shower traditions.


Becoming a mom for the first time is certainly a special feeling. But
each child that a mother has is just as important as the first. If you
want to acknowledge the coming of a child after the firstborn, then
throw a baby sprinkle. This page will give you some great planning


Here’s one of the baby shower types that is quickly gaining popularity.
Pretty soon, it will be common tradition for baby showers to be a coed
party! Nowadays, people like to recognize the dad just as much as the
mom, and this page will show you exactly how to do that.


The adoption baby shower is reserved for those parents who, obviously,
have chosen to adopt. Overall, this type of celebration is the same as
a regular shower, but there are a few things that you should consider
when in the midst of you planning. Click on the link for this page to
learn more.

Distance shower

If you want to have a celebration for an expectant mom who lives out of
town, then the Long Distance Baby Shower page is for you. Don’t let the
soon-to-be mom miss out on something as special as a baby shower just
because she’s far away. Visit this page to learn how to give a baby
shower by mail.


Do you think all baby showers are girly? Think again. People are
constantly coming up with baby shower types that recognize the man just
as much as the woman. This page will give you some ideas for planning
the ultimate shower for the dad-to-be and all his friends. After all,
the dad played a big part in helping create the new baby, right? So he
deserves some “pampering” too. Learn how to make sure the men have a
blast at a baby shower, while keeping the celebration fun and classy.


Any woman will tell you that becoming a grandmother makes her feel old.
But inside, she’s screaming with excitement about the arrival of the
new baby. Women look forward to spoiling their grandkids. But don’t
think that spoiling is a grandparent’s sole responsibility. Being a
grandmother is hard work, especially the first time around. This page
will show you how to recognize the grandmother-to-be at a baby shower.


Baby shower types such as this one focuses on more than one guest of
honor. When you think about it, all the members of an immediate family
will have some stepping up to do when the new baby arrives. So why not
have a celebration for all of them? Visit this page to get celebration
ideas for the whole family.


Are you looking for a more spiritual celebration for the mom-to-be?
Then check out this page for information about the blessingway
ceremony. The blessingway focuses on the journey a woman takes during
her pregnancy, rather the arrival of the new baby.

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