Extra Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

Need more baby
shower ideas to liven things up? Even if you’re done planning all the
major details, consider these additional activities to
keep your guests busy.

Advice Book
At some point during the shower, pass a book
around the room, and have the guests write their words of advice to the
mom-to-be. As an option, you can assign an age to each page, and people
can write parenting advice for that particular age. Make sure each
guest signs his/her entry. The guest of honor can use this book as a
guide during her parenting years.

Tip Jar
worry, this baby shower idea is not about asking for money for being
such a great hostess. The tip jar is a great way to get some much
needed baby advice. On a large piece of white paper, write “Baby Tip
Jar” and tape the paper to an empty glass bottle. Gather some small
pieces of paper and pencils, and place them next to the jar. At the
beginning of the shower, announce to the guests that the mom-to-be will
be accepting tips. The guests can write down little pieces of advise
and place them in the jar. You can also have the expectant mom pick a
tip at the end of the shower, and give a gift to the guest who wrote
that tip.

Pass the poem
Let all your guests participate in
writing a baby shower poem. The hostess will start the poem off with 1
or 2 lines, then pass it around to each guest, and let them add a line.
After each guest has written something, still give them the option to
add more lines if the wish. You never know – you may end up with pages
of lines by the end of your shower!

Surprise gifts
In addition to the game prizes and
favors, surprise the guests with hidden gifts. Hide a gift under one of
the guest’s seats. When everyone is eating, announce that someone has a
special gift under their chair. Another idea is to have someone pick a
number between 1 and 10. If the number chosen is 5, then whichever
guest bought the 5th gift that’s opened will win a prize.

Scavenger hunt
Hide a few “pamper yourself” items
around the room before the guests arrive, and make sure you write down
or remember where you put everything. Tell the guests how many gifts
are hidden, and what the gifts are. Let them search for the gifts, and
the finder is the keeper!

Baby Predictions
Let the
guests predict the baby’s life. Make a list of about 10 ten things such
as, the baby will be __________ when he grows up, or the baby’s
favorite food will be _________. Save all the papers as keepsakes. The
mommy can look back on the predictions to see if they’ve come true.

Baby balloons
Buy some long and thin balloons and
see who can make the best looking baby items. Have the guests try their
hands at twisting and tying their balloons in the shape of a pacifier,
teddy bear, or a bow. This should be funny!

Sugar crafting

For those of you who do not know, sugar crafting is just what it
sounds like; making edible crafts with sugar! This is a great way to
keep your guests involved during the celebration. If there will be
children at the shower, you can use this idea to keep them busy, or you
can have a sugar crafting contest with all your guests.

Welcome Baby Video
you want baby shower ideas that will last a lifetime, this is certainly
one of them. Make sure you have a video camera at the shower. Go around
to all the guests and record them saying a few words to the baby. They
can give words of advice, tell a funny story about the mom, or simply
introduce themselves to the new baby.

Baby Shower Hat
As the presents are being opened,
have someone collect a small piece of wrapping paper from each gift.
After all the pieces are collected, tape or glue them on a plastic bowl
or plate. If necessary, cut a hole on each side of the bowl/plate and
use a string to tie the hat around the chin. Have the mom-to-be take a
picture with her baby shower hat!

Decorate the nursery

Let your guests help you prepare for bringing the baby home from
the hospital. Make sure you have all your crib sheets, wall decor,
night lights, and everything else you want to use for the baby’s room.
The guests can help you decide where to hang the pictures or even
arrange the baby furniture.

Thank you card prize
all the guests write their name and address on an envelope. Put the
envelopes in a basket and let the guest of honor pick one with her eyes
closed. Whomever she chooses will receive a prize with their thank you

Baby shower ideas from the guests

If all goes well, your guests will be having a blast at your
shower. They’re having so much fun that you’ve used all your games and
ideas, and they keep asking for more of your superb hosting. If you’ve
run out of things to do, ask your guests to come up with some baby
shower ideas of their own. And when the shower is over, either the
guest of honor or the hostess can select the best idea from a guest,
and award that person with a prize.

Keepsake Box
This is one of those baby shower
ideas that has yet to go out of style. After the shower is over, create
a keepsake box for the soon to be mom. Collect a party favor, a piece
of all the decorations, the Baby Shower Hat, all the greeting cards,
papers from the games, etc., and put them in a decorated box. Whenever
the mom-to-be wants to reminisce on her baby shower, she’ll have her
keepsake box to bring back those memories!

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