Boy Baby Shower using the “It’s a Boy” theme

a Boy Baby Shower

The it’s a boy baby shower is very similar to the “it’s a
girl” theme, except that the main color is blue instead of

Some hostesses like to use a lot of flowers and lace, even
though the baby is a boy, and some prefer to create a more “boyish”
feel by using things like sports objects. These ideas will give
suggestions for both.

baby shower themes


-Use white paper with blue writing, and outline the invitation in blue
as well. You can also add an “it’s a boy” graphic in the background.
-Buy some cards in the shape of a football or baseball. Use blue ink
and attach a small blue diaper pin.


Choose either silver, gold, or brown to go with the blue. These
decorations will focus on the blue and silver color scheme.

Head Table:
-Blue tablecloth and tableware.
-Blue and silver centerpiece of your choice.

-Baby boy shower cake.
-Silver balloons on the back of the chairs.

-Silver It’s a Boy baby shower confetti scattered on the table.

Guest tables:
-Silver tablecloths with blue tableware.

-Small blue and silver centerpiece on each table.

-Blue “it’s a boy” confetti scattered on the tables.

Small accents:
-Blue and silver streamers and balloons throughout the year.

-Blue and silver centerpieces for the guest tables.
-Blue It’s a boy baby shower banner on one of the walls.

Guest of honor chair:
-A large chair, such as a rocking chair, with blue and silver balloons
tied to the back.
-A blue throw blanket draped on one side.

Buffet table:
-Silver tablecloth with a blue streamer along the front.
-Silver serving utensils with a blue ribbon tied on the ends.

-Blue “It’s a boy” confetti scattered on the table (but make sure you
don’t put any too close to the heat).


-A small purse filled with candles, lotions, make-up or baby items. Do
the same thing with a high-heeled shoe figurine.

–A teddy bear with sunglasses, a necklace and a cute purse on the arm.

Diaper cake

Use silver ribbons around each tier, and a cascade of blue bows or
flowers alone one side. Top the cake with a blue plush teddy bear or
sports item. Use blue washcloths, pacifiers, booties, and baby lotion
bottles for the gifts.

Edible cake

A sheet cake with blue icing. If you want to use two colors, silver
icing may look too grey, so use white instead. Use and It’s a boy baby
shower inscription, and a drawing of a pair of blue booties. If you’re
going for the sporty theme, put a blue football or baseball on the


-Blue and silver candles.
-Small blue plush toys.

-Blue mesh bags filled with chocolates wrapped in silver paper.

Gifts from guests:

-Blue plush toys.

-Baby sports gear.

-Small blue baseball cap.

Thank you cards:

Create a card similar to your invitations. A simple white invitation
with blue writing will be subtle but elegant.

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