Beautiful baby shower decorations

Shower Decorations

Your baby shower decorations will come together nicely if
select a party
first. You will have to buy lots of balloons,
streamers, tablecloths, tableware, etc., and you want to make sure that
everything coincides with the theme.

Let’s concentrate on the head table first.
Use your
head table as the focal point of the entire room. It should be set up
differently from the guests tables, simply by using more decorations.
But do not make the table too cluttered.

These are some commonly used items for the head table:

*The tablecloth

*The cake
*The main centerpiece

*Party favors


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How do you use these items for your baby shower

baby shower decorationsI
don’t need to tell you what to do with the tablecloth. Just make sure
it is draped and aligned properly. If the tablecloth is outlined with a
certain design, make sure the guests can see that entire portion from
their seats.

Your cake should be one of the most noticeable parts of your
baby shower decorations. Most bakeries can create a sheet cake with
almost any picture or drawing, so you should have no problem with
making the cake match the theme. You can either place the cake in the
center of the table, or cattycorner off to the side.

Some people may choose to use the cake as the main
centerpiece, which is perfectly fine. Or you can have a baby shower
centerpiece sit behind the cake. If you think the table may be too
cluttered with both, simply use trial and error with your baby shower
decorations to see what works best.

You should always accent your cake and/or centerpiece with a
few party favors. I would suggest placing them in random spots
throughout the table, or line them up neatly around the cake.

As an option, you can set tableware on the outskirts of the
table, even if no one will be sitting there. Some colored plates and
cutlery will be a great addition to the items already on the table.

After you’ve positioned all of your head table items, things
may look a little cluttered. So how can you fix that?

Consider moving either the main centerpiece or the cake to a
table by itself. You can put either of them on a small table in one of
the corners of the room and drape it with a matching tablecloth.

If your tablecloth has a design, you do not need to use the
same exact one in order for it to match. For example, let’s say your
baby shower decoration theme is “It’s a boy” and your head tablecloth
is blue.

For the centerpiece/cake table, you can use a white tablecloth
and attach blue balloons to the back, or sprinkle blue confetti over
it. Another option would be to just use all white with no blue accents,
depending on how much blue is in the centerpiece or cake.

In keeping with the idea of all white, you can also use all
white for the main table instead of a tablecloth with a design, and
that alone should eliminate some of the clutter.

More ideas for your baby shower decorations…

Now on to the guests’ tables

baby shower decorationsYou
will first need to decide how the tables will be positioned. You have a
lot of options here, but just make sure that the guests will be able to
decipher between the head table and a guest table, even without the
decorations. That’s the rule of thumb.

Your table positioning will have to depend on where the shower
will be. For instance, if you’re renting a small hall, the layout of
the room will basically guide you toward the table set up, or the
tables may already be set up for you.

But, if you’re having the party at someone’s home, you may
have to get a little creative with your baby shower decorations.

When I hosted a shower for my sister, we used my dining room
for the
location. We simply moved the dining table off to one of the side
walls, and filled the rest of the room with smaller round tables. The
dining table served as the head table, and the round tables were for
the guests.

Whether your tables are round or square, I would suggest using
a tablecloth, tableware at each seat, and a small centerpiece in the
middle of each table. If you are just using colors for your baby shower
decorations and not a particular theme, consider using alternating
tablecloths and tableware for each table.

Here’s an example: If your baby shower decorations are
based on a lavender and cream color scheme, start at the first table
and drape it with a lavender tablecloth. Then add cream colored
tableware. Your next table will have a cream colored tablecloth with
lavender tableware, etc. Or, you can decorate each table the same way.

By now, the room should look nice and lively. But we still need to add
more decorations to further enhance the theme.

Small accents

If you want some more baby shower decorations, how about some
balloons, streamers, and a banner? Use balloons with a paper weight as
your centerpieces. This may be enough balloons for the entire room. If
not, scatter some balloons across the ceiling, or maybe tie one to
every other chair in the room.

And for the streamers, use them to accent the doorways and/or

One of the most classic items used for baby shower decorations
is a banner. You can find them at any store, or you can get one
personalized. I would suggest hanging it on the wall, behind the head

The Guest of Honor Chair

In case you didn’t know, the guest of honor will probably sit
at the head table to eat, but she won’t be sitting there during the
entire event. When it’s time to shower her with gifts, she will need
her own special chair, and this should be a part of your baby shower
decoration ideas.

If you can, try to get a chair that will be bigger than
everyone else’s. This will give the effect of a “throne” chair. A
rocking chair would be a great touch. You can put a big bow or some
balloons on the back. You can also surround the chair with the
presents, and the colors from the boxes, bows and gift bags will also
add some flare.

The Buffet Table

baby shower decorationsIf
you’re going to have a buffet or dessert table at the baby shower, you
should decorate that as well. Again, you can use a tablecloth that
matches your theme.
To use even more creativity with your baby shower decoration ideas, you
can get colorful serving utensils that match your theme (for instance,
pink utensils for the “It’s a girl” theme). Or you can use a neutral
color and tie a colorful bow at the end of each utensil.

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