Baby shower gift list essentials for your registry

Shower Gift List Essentials

Create a baby shower gift list so that your guests can help
you get
prepared for the new baby. If you have never created a registry before,
it’s very simple. Just make a list of everything you think you’ll need
when the baby arrives.

The main categories for a baby registry are clothing, feeding,
diapering, bathing, toys and travel gear. There are plenty of items in
each of these categories that are considered baby necessities, so make
sure they’re on your list.

You can also include optional items for the baby such as,
specific outfits, nursery décor, and convenience items (a diaper genie
for example). Keep in mind that the optional items are not as important
as the necessities, so focus on getting the stuff that you’ll really

After you’ve created your baby shower gift list, your next
step is to either go
to the store or use the internet to add the items to your baby
registry. Either way you do it, and regardless of the store you choose,
the store will give you step-by-step instructions.

Usually, if you go to the store, someone at the customer
service desk will enter your information into the store’s gift registry
log. They will then give you a scanner which you can use to add the
items to your log.

When you see something you want to add to the list, all you
have to do is point the scanner to the item’s bar code, press a button
on the scanner, and viola! That gift has automatically been added to
your baby registry.

If you choose to create your registry online, the process is
just as simple. Most store websites have a designated area on the
homepage for gift registries. Just click on the area for the baby
registry and follow the instructions.

Most likely, the instructions will tell you to enter your
information (parents’ names, the state in which you live, and the date
of the baby shower) into the store’s log, and then you can just browse
though the items online and click on whatever you want to add. After
your registry is complete, you can always go back to the website or
store and make any changes to your list.

Your final list should be similar to the one below. The only
difference is that your list will most likely have brand names for the
items, but the brand names will depend on which store your choose for
your baby shower gift list.

For the nursery room:

*Cradle or bassinet

*Crib and mattress

*Sheets and blankets


*Changing table


*Rocking chair



*Bottles and nipples

*Bottle sterilizer

*Breast pump

*Baby formula and food

Baby Safety

*Crib cushions

*Socket covers

*Baby monitor

*Safety gate

Bath & Body


*Rash ointments

*Baby body wash and lotions

*Baby wipes

*Baby bathtub

*Washcloths and towels


*One pieces

*Plenty of shirts and pants

*Socks and booties


*Outerwear (hat, gloves, scarf, coat)


*Shoes (dress and casual)

Travel Gear

*Stroller (both newborn and toddler)

*Carseat (both newborn and toddler)

*Diaper bag

Toys & Entertainment

*Stuffed animals



*Toys for the car and stroller

Learning & Education

*Baby einstein items

*Baby story or activity books

on inducing labor naturally

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especially around baby shower time, because she’ll be anxiously
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Miscellaneous & optional items

*Nursery accessories (wall border, lamp, area rug, picture frames,

*Baby journal book (to keep track of the special moments)

*Personalized gifts

Tips for creating a baby shower gift list or registry:

*Try to include more than just newborn items.
Keep in mind that babies grow fast, so you should
ask for items within the newborn to 24 month age range.

*When selecting a store for your registry, choose either a
department store, a childrens’ store, or both. I personally think
department stores are a better choice because they will have more of a

*Be sure to tell your guests what store you’ve selected. You
can insert a registry card in the invitation, or
you can print the registry yourself and give each
guest a copy.

have now created your baby shower gift list. Click to return
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