Sailboat baby shower

Baby Shower

Get your guests ready to sail away into baby paradise. The
baby shower is a great way to celebrate a new baby boy.


-Use paper in the shape of a sailboat or anchor, or use a nautical
graphic for the background.
-Use blue writing to symbolize water.

Blue, yellow and white are great colors for a sailboat baby shower.

Head Table:
-White tablecloth with blue and yellow tableware at every other seat.
-Mainly white centerpiece with a little blue and yellow match the
-Blue and yellow balloons on every other seat. Tie a white ribbon at
the bottom of each balloon.

-Blue and yellow baby shower confetti scattered on the table.

Guest tables:
-On every other table, use a blue tablecloth with white tableware, and
use a yellow tablecloth with white tableware on the other tables.

-For the tables with the blue tablecloths, use a yellow centerpiece
accented with white. And for the tables with the yellow tablecloths,
use a blue centerpiece accented in white.

-White baby shower confetti scattered on the tables.

Small accents:
-Blue, yellow and white streamers and balloons.
-Blue “It’s a boy” or “sailboat baby shower” banner on one of the

Guest of honor chair:
-Decorate the chair with blue and yellow balloons and/or bows.
-Small sailboats in a semi-circle on the floor, around the chair.

Buffet table:
-White tablecloth with blue and yellow streamers along the front.

-White serving utensils with blue and yellow ribbons tied on the ends.

-Blue baby shower confetti scattered on the table (but make sure you
don’t put any too close to the heat).


-Fill some clear bowls halfway with water, and add some small sailboat
shaped floating candles.

–Small teddy bears in a sailboat suit with a hat.

-Upside down sailboats filled with blue, yellow, and white baby items.

Diaper cake

Use blue and yellow ribbons interchangeably around each tier. Top the
cake with a sailboat hat, and use blue and yellow washcloths,
pacifiers, booties, and baby lotion bottles for the gifts.

Edible cake

A 3D cake in the shape of a sailboat, with yellow and blue icing.


-Blue and yellow personalized candle tins.
-Small teddy bears with sailor hats.

-White mesh bags filled with chocolates wrapped in blue and yellow

Sailboat baby shower gifts

-Blue and yellow plush toys.

-Sailboat bath time set.

-Sailor hat gift basket: Use a large sailor hat and fill it with lots
of baby items.

Thank you cards

Use blue paper with yellow writing, and add a white diaper pin or small

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