Diva baby shower

for a Diva Baby Shower

I once attended a diva baby shower for a mom who’s crazy about
purses and shoes. So the hostess used those two items for the
decorations. If you’re thinking about using the diva theme, you can
also use make-up, jewelry, and clothes. For these ideas, we’ll stick
with purses and shoes.


Print your invitations on purse shaped paper, and use a cute
inscription like “Little Miss Diva is on her way” or “Calling all divas
for a Diva Baby Shower”.

baby shower themes

Select your color scheme first. Your possibilities are endless here, so
just let the mom pick the colors. So for these decorating ideas, let’s
pretend that your guest of honor likes purple and gold.
Head Table:
-Gold tablecloth with purple tableware.
-Purple/gold centerpiece and/or cake, and small party favors.
-Purple and gold balloons on the back of each table.

Guest tables:
-Purple tablecloths with gold tableware, or purple and gold tablecloths
with your choice of colored tableware.

-Small purple and gold centerpiece on each table.

Small accents:
– Buy some streamers with a “Diva” cut-out to hang along the ceiling,
windows and/or doors.
-Purple and gold balloons throughout the room.
-Centerpieces for the guest tables.

Guest of honor chair:
Use a “director’s” chair, and write “Diva” on it. This will make the
mom-to-be feel like she’s the star of the show.

Buffet table:
Purple tablecloth with your gold “diva” streamers along the front.
Large gold serving utensils.


-A small purse filled with candles, lotions, make-up or baby items. Do
the same thing with a high-heeled shoe figurine.

–A teddy bear with sunglasses, a necklace and a cute purse on the arm.

Diaper cake

Use purple and gold ribbons interchangeably around each tier, and top
the cake with a purse or high-heeled shoe. Use purple washcloths,
pacifiers, booties, and baby lotion bottles for the gifts.

Edible cake

A 3D cake in the shape of a purse or shoe, or a sheet cake with a
picture of one of those items on it. Buy a gold cake cutter and tie a
purple ribbon on the end of it, and place it near the cake.


-Little purple purses or shoes filled with chocolates wrapped in gold
-Small make-up kits.

-A picture frame with the word “Diva” on it.

Gifts from guests:If you’re looking to
buy a diva baby shower gift, focus on fashionable items.

-Teddy bear or doll dressed up like a diva.

-“Pamper yourself” gift basket for the mom.

-Small sunglasses and a nice jacket for the baby.

Thank you cards:
Use a card similar to your invitations. Use white paper with a gold
shoe graphic for your background, and write your notes in purple ink.

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