A coffee baby shower is the perfect theme for a mom who loves a cop of Joe

Baby – The Coffee Baby Shower

Café Baby, a.k.a. the Coffee Baby Shower, is a theme that’s
appreciated by coffee lovers. Use this party idea only if the guest(s)
of honor are coffee drinkers. If they are, make sure your guests are in
the mood for a nice cup o’ Joe, and lots of baby fun!

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Use plain paper with a coffee cup graphic for your background.
Start off with something like “Calling all coffee lovers – We’re having
a Coffee Baby Shower!” Or, “Please join us at Café Baby for a baby
shower celebration.”

Since coffee is brown, you definitely
want to make that one of your colors. If the baby is a boy, also use
blue, and use pink for a girl. These decorations will be for a baby

Head Table:
-A blue tablecloth with brown tableware.

-A little coffee cup in front of each plate.

-Brown baby shower confetti.

Guest tables:
-Brown tablecloths with blue tableware.

-Blue and brown centerpiece.

-Blue confetti.

Small accents:
-Blue and Brown streamers and balloons.

Guest of honor chair:
– Blue and brown bows on the back and arms of the chair.
-A little table with a coffee cup and a small plate of pastries, placed
next to the chair.

Buffet table:
-Blue tablecloth with a brown table runner.
serving utensils with a blue bow tied to the ends. If you cannot find
brown silverware, you can either use blue items with brown bows, or
gold items with blue and brown bows, used interchangeably.

-Set up a little coffee stand, stacked with different coffee
flavors, sugar and sugar substitutes, milk and cream, and a few


-Large brown coffee cup filled with coffee beans. Place blue flower in
the center of the cup.

–Coffee pot filled with blue baby items.

Diaper cake

Use brown and blue ribbons around each tier, and top the cake
with a plush toy. Use blue baby items, such as washcloth, bottles,
pacifiers, etc, as the gifts.

Edible cake

A sheet cake with blue and brown icing, decorated with coffee beans.


-Personalized bags of ground coffee.
-Coffee cups filled with chocolates or hard candies.

-Cookies in the shape of coffee cups.

-Gift cards to different coffee shops.

Coffee Baby Shower Gifts

-A coffee gift basket for the mom, filled with a cup, various types of
coffee, and chocolates or pastries.

-Brown and blue baby outfit.

-Brown and/or blue crib sheet set with blanket.

Thank you cards

Use cards similar to your invites. Say something like “Thanks for
coming to our baby shower. We’ll be sure to let you know when our
little “coffee bean” arrives!

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