Little library baby shower

Library Baby Shower

The Little Library Baby Shower theme is based on books and
Many people like this idea because it’s a great way to help the
parents-to-be gather educational items for the new baby.


Create or buy invitations in the shape of a book. Use a cute baby
inscription such as, “They have a little bookworm on the way!”

This is another theme where you can either have a color scheme, or use
many different colors. For these ideas, we’ll use a pink, lavender and
yellow color scheme for a baby girl.

Head Table:
– A white tablecloth with pink, yellow and lavender tableware.

-Little porcelain books in front of each plate.
-Pink, yellow and lavender baby shower confetti scatter on the table.

Guest tables:
-Use the same decorating style as the head table, or make some of the
tables all pink, others all yellow, and the rest all lavender.

-In either case, use all your colors for your centerpieces.

-Sprinkle matching confetti on the tables.

Small accents:
-Pink, yellow and lavender streamers and balloons.
-Pictures of baby book covers on the walls.

Guest of honor chair:
– Pink, yellow and lavender bows and balloons.
-Surround the chair with lots of old baby books.

Buffet table:
-White tablecloth with pink, yellow and lavender table runners. You can
also use streamers along the front.
-White or silver serving utensils with pink, yellow and lavender
ribbons tied to the ends.


-Baby books with a bow tied around them. Try to use a different book
for each table.

–Plush toy, such as a teddy bear, holding a baby book.

-Pink, yellow and lavender floral centerpieces with little porcelain
books around the vase.

Diaper cake

Use a pink, yellow, and lavender ribbon around each tier, and top the
cake with a baby book. Use matching colored baby items, such as
washcloth, bottles, pacifiers, etc, as the gifts.

Edible cake

A 3D cake in the shape of a book, with a cute baby inscription.


-Personalized bookmarks would be perfect.
-Porcelain bookworms.

-Bookstore gift cards.

Little Library baby shower gifts

-Of course, the perfect gift would be lots of books. You can buy books
for the baby or the mom.

-Baby toy books – buy the electronic toy books that have a voice
telling the story as you turn the pages.

Thank you cards

For this particular theme, wait until after the baby is born, and send
a small booklet of baby pictures as your thank you cards. Or, you can
send a traditional card, and follow-up with the pictures a little

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