Baby shower cakes that are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

cakes are so cute!  

out these ideas for your party

Do you need ideas for baby shower cakes? Of
course! Because what could be better for your celebration than a
beautiful and edible centerpiece?

can admire their designs and enjoy their taste! No matter
what your theme is, there are plenty of designs that will fit perfectly
with both your decorations and the great food.

Now, let’s start with the basics. What kind of baby shower
can you use?

A sheet cake – A single layer cake that’s
usually accented with icing, candies, edible figurines, and pictures.


A 3D cake – These selections come in many
shapes and
sizes. If your baby shower theme is “Butterflies”, then make that the
shape of your cake!

With both of these selections, you can either buy the
cake or bake your own.

If you’re thinking about a sheet cake, here’s some
useful information:

Since your cake will lay flat, you’ll have to liven it up with add-ons.
But try not to clutter it with too much stuff.

of the best and easiest ideas for sprucing up a sheet cake is to add a
graphic to it. The graphic will look just like an airbrush design on
the cake. And, many bakeries will offer tons of graphics that can match
any baby shower theme.

Using a graphic is not your only choice. You can also use
colorful icing to write baby shower wording on it, add candies, or use
the icing to make a 3D object. Here’s an example:

This is the cake I used for my sister’s baby shower.

here for cake decorating supplies

this page for cake inscription ideas.

Other tips for your
sheet cake:

*For baby shower cake inscriptions, use icing that matches
your decoration colors.

*Make sure your sheet cake is large enough to feed everyone.

*Try to offer more than one cake flavor. Get a marble cake, or
use one flavor for one half, and another flavor for the other.

*Make sure you reserve one piece of the cake for the mom’s
keepsakes. Lot’s of moms like to keep a part of the cake and freeze it.

*Get creative with your baby shower cakes.
Shop around for different kinds of baking pans, cake toppers, and
colorful icing.

Now, on to the 3D cakes…

Your first step is to decide what shape you want. Most people
just go with whatever their theme is. For example, if you’ve chosen the
“stork” theme, then your cake will be in the shape of a stork.

you have two options for creating your 3D cake. The first option is to
bake the cake yourself using a 3D cake pan, which you can find at any
party or arts & crafts store.

You can find plenty of baby
shower cake recipes online or, if you’re pushed for time, there’s
nothing wrong with using boxed cake mix, such as Betty Crocker.

Your biggest challenge will be the cake decorations. And
again, you can visit the supplies
purchase decorating kits, or just visit your
local arts & crafts store.

Your second option for a 3D cake is to buy one from your local
bakery. This is a great choice if you want your cake to have a lot of
depth and character.

Most bakeries offer countless designs,
such as cakes in the shape of baby bottles, teddy bears, even castles
(for the princess or prince charming theme).

Take a look at these cake samples:

baby shower bottle cake image

baby blocks cake image

Like what you see?Visit
to see more pictures of
beautiful, unique, and delicious cakes for baby showers and other
special occasions. You will leave this site informed, and

Here are some
useful tips to help you with baby
shower cakes:

*Choose a cake that matches your theme in both color and

*If you’re buying from a bakery, use extra caution when
the cake. Also, make sure it’s properly seated in your car when you
pick it up. Keep in mind that some bakeries will deliver.

*Choose an option that fits your budget. You will save
by baking your own cake.

*Make sure you take a picture of the cake before you cut

So there you have it. That’s everything you need to know
baby shower cake ideas. I’m sure you’ll have fun with this part of the
planning whether you’ll be baking it yourself or shopping for one.

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