Great baby shower pictures create great memories.

baby shower pictures

Baby shower pictures are one of the most important
aspects of the party. When the mom-to-be wants to reminisce on her
special day,
nothing will bring back memories like those perfect photos.

There are tons of cameras to choose from, but any one will
Of course, with digital cameras, you can view the picture before you
save it, or upload your pics directly to your computer. But, if all you
have is a disposable or Polaroid, there’s no need to run out and buy an
expensive digital camera for your baby shower pictures.

want to make sure you have pictures of all the decorations BEFORE the
party starts. So, allow yourself about 10 to 15 minutes to take
pictures of everything in the room before the guests arrive. Take
pictures of the following:

  • Head table
  • Guest tables
  • Buffet table
  • Balloons
  • Centerpieces
  • Diaper cake
  • Edible cake
  • Guest of honor chair
  • If possible, take a picture of the entire room

During the party, try to snap as many pics as possible.
the purpose of all these pictures is to create memories of the entire
baby shower, from beginning to end. So your first shot should be the
guest of honor entering the room. Whether it’s a surprise or not, this
will be a great first memory for her.

Next, while you’re playing games and enjoying the great food,
take random shots of the guests enjoying themselves. You can also take
pictures of the mom-to-be with all her guests. And, if she already has
children, don’t forget to include them in a few shots as well.

When its time to open the gifts, take a picture of the
mom-to-be holding each gift with the person who bought it. And when all
the gifts have been opened, take a picture of the guest of honor
surrounded by all the gifts.

You’ll also want to make sure you get a good shot of the party
favors. Position a handful of them on a table for a great picture. When
you give out special party favors for your game winners, take pictures
of the guests holding their prizes.

And, last but not least, take a group picture before your
guests start to head home. Have the guest of honor stand in the middle
of the crowd and hold one of the shower items. Perhaps the diaper cake
or centerpiece.

Here are some baby shower picture tips to help you
create perfect memories:

*With all your pictures, make sure you have good lighting.
though your camera will have a flash, still choose a well lit area for
your shots.

*If you’re using a disposable camera, get double prints. You
can use some of the duplicates for a scrapbook or photo album.

*Play around with the zoom feature on the camera. Take
of the same objects or people from different angles and distances.

*Try to catch your guests off guard. You can catch some of
your best shots at random.

*Make sure you definitely get lots of pics of the mom-to-be.

Now, what do you do with your pictures?

Of course, most of them will go with the baby shower
But, use some of them do display around the home or in a photo album.

If you have double prints, you can send a picture of the
mom-to-be with each guest along with your thank you cards.

You can also upload all your pictures to your computer and
create a digital photo album and picture CD.

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