Couples baby shower

Baby Shower Ideas

Needless to say, men and women will attend a couples baby
shower, because this type of celebrations will honor both
expectant parents. So you want to make sure the men will feel included.
Use these tips to help make your party more men-friendly.

Theme and Decoration ideas:

Stay away from girly themes like “pretty in pink” or “princess” for
this type of baby shower.

The best way to take the girly feel out of your theme is just
to not have one at all.

You can still plan a beautiful and successful party without
having a central theme or color. Planning a couples baby shower will be
a lot easier if the unborn baby is a boy, but still limit or alter the
“pretty” stuff.

Some good girl themes for this type of baby shower are “hula
party”, “safari baby shower”, “be my valentine” and “family tree”.


Use different favors for the men and women. The women will appreciate
receiving the more traditional gifts, like candles, figurines, or
personalized favors.

For the men, you will have to get creative. Take some empty
beer bottles and fill them with colored candies that match your theme.
You can also buy or make some personalized bottle labels. This gift
will be both baby-related (the candies) and man-friendly (the beer

Another idea is to use cigars and tie a colorful ribbon around
it. If the men don’t smoke, they can still use the cigar as a keepsake.

If you prefer to give all your guests the same shower favor,
buy some chocolate with personalized candy bar wrappers. Everybody
likes candy!


Most men will not want to play the traditional baby shower games. But
you can get them involved by adding some new twists to the games.

Here is one idea: Play a game called “Football Colors”. Give
everybody a few minutes to look around the room, and focus on the
decoration colors. Make sure everyone has a pencil and paper. The goal
is to find colors associated with football teams, such as blue and
silver/Dallas Cowboys. Have them write down all the colors and teams
that they can think of, and they need to state where they found their
colors. The guest with the most possibilities wins.

When choosing your games, focus on action games like Bobbing
for Bottles, or Baby Food Eating Contest, because the men will have
much for fun if they are moving around. You can also play regular games
like Taboo, Scattegories, or Battle of the Sexes at a couples baby
shower. Also beware that men have a competitive side, so don’t be
surprised if they taking the games too seriously!

And don’t forget about the men when you select your game
prizes. Candles and body lotions won’t cut it with them. Buy some
football plush toys or inexpensive tee-shirts. Food for thought:
Something as simple as a bottle of beer decked with a pink or blue
ribbon will knock his socks off!


Men LOVE buffalo wings, so make sure they are on your menu for a
coed/couples baby shower. Have a large variety of finger foods and
maybe some beer (but make sure the mommy-to-be stays away from the
alcohol). Overall, you shouldn’t have to make too many changes to your

A few more tips for this type of baby shower:

*Make sure you send couples baby shower invitations.

*When its time to open the gifts, make sure both parents are
involved. They can take turns opening the gifts. Or, the mom can open
the gifts from the women and the dad can open gifts from the men.

*When you send out the thank you cards, make sure the wording
implies that the “thank you” is from both mom and dad. You’ll want to
say “thank you for attending our
shower” instead of ”my” shower.

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