Plan a grandma shower to honor the grandmother-to-be

Grandma Shower to honor
the grandmother-to-be

A grandma shower is a great way to recognize someone becoming
a grandmother for the first time. Just like the mom-to-be, the
grandmother has a lot of preparation to do.

She will need almost
everything the mom will need when she babysits. For the sake of time
and money, you may not want to have a separate celebration for the
grandma. Instead, honor her at the traditional shower for the expectant

If you are going to honor the grandmother at the mom’s celebration
instead of having a separate grandma shower, then you don’t have to
worry about a theme and decorations. Just incorporate a few grandma
items into your theme. 

You can have her wear an “I’m a proud Grandma”
button, hat or tee shirt, or give her guest of honor chair. You can
also have a separate diaper cake just for her, and include lots of
stuff that she will need when she’s keeping the baby. Here is a list of
a few things you can put in the cake:

  • baby bottles
  • teethers
  • comb and brush
  • washcloths and towels
  • pacifier
  • bibs
  • onesies
  • blankets
  • baby safety items

If you want to buy the first time grandma a gift, get her an
engraved picture frame that says “I’m a proud grandma.” And when the
baby is born, she can put a picture in the frame. 

Coffee mugs and teddy
bears are also great gifts for a grandma shower. Or, you can get a cute
gag gift like a pair of reading glasses or dentures, something implying
that she’s about to be a grandma so that means she’s getting

Hopefully, the grandma-to-be has a nice sense of humor, but
make sure
you know that she won’t be offended by a gag gift before you go this

Giving grandma party favors is another way to add you other
guest of honor into the mix. You can give out favors such as small bags
of candy with a personalized ribbon or personalized bookmarks. 

Some of
the ribbons can recognize the mom-to-be, and others can be for the
grandma. And, don’t forget about the thank you cards. 

The cards can be
from both mom and grandma, or each guest of honor can write her own.

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