The baby sprinkle is a unique alternative to traditional baby shower ideas.

Baby Sprinkle is a creative baby shower idea
for children after the firstborn

baby sprinkle is a baby shower celebration for any and all children
after the firstborn. The idea for this type of celebration is to
“sprinkle” the baby with gifts instead of “showering” them.

Since the expectant parents have already had a shower for
their first
child, they probably will not need things like baby furniture, baby
safety items and infant clothing.

perfectly acceptable to buy these things for a second or third child,
but most parents re-use these items in order to save money.

Baby sprinkle themes are not that different from traditional
shower themes. When it comes to celebrating any new baby, you should go
all out with the decorations, food, favors, and everything else. So do
not start your planning with the mindset that this type of celebration
is not as
important as a traditional baby shower. They are equally important.

a baby registry for a sprinkle celebration is optional. As I’ve said
before, all children after the firstborn will not need a lot of baby
stuff. So, if you do have a registry, just ask for the stuff that you
really need.

In keeping with this idea, you can incorporate the Around
the Clock baby shower theme

into your celebration. Using this theme idea will ensure that you will
get only what you really need for the baby. You can also have a potluck
sprinkle and ask your guests to bring a dish instead of a gift.

here for wording ideas for your sprinkle invitations

because the sprinkle celebration is a little different from the
traditional celebrations doesn’t mean that you still can’t have fun. So
make sure you still entertain your guests with fun games and
activities. Visit the baby
shower games
and baby
shower ideas
pages for some suggestions. All the suggestions
on these pages are suitable for a sprinkle celebration.

You may not get a ton of gifts for your sprinkle, and some
guests may not bring anything, but you should still thank them for
coming with some party favors and thank you cards. 

Personalized gifts
are always most appreciated because people treat them as keepsakes. But
any kind of party favor that you would use at a regular shower can also
be used for a baby sprinkle.

When you send the thank you cards,
be sure to include a picture if the baby has arrived. In either case,
make your thank you notes as personable as you can. Buy blank cards and
write your own notes to each guest instead of buying pre-printed cards.
Use this approach even if someone does not bring a gift.

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