Adoption baby shower ideas

someone recently adopt?
Give them and Adoption Baby Shower

Throw an adoption baby shower for parents who have recently
adopted a child, especially if they will be parents for the first time.
Adopting a baby is just as special as giving birth to a child, and the
parents will still need and appreciate help and support from their
friends and family.

Overall, planning and adoption baby shower should be the same
as for a traditional shower. Any theme or decorating idea that you
could use for a traditional celebration can also be use for this type
of baby shower.

The two major differences are that the mom will not be
pregnant, and the baby will most likely be in attendance. Just make
sure that when you select a date, ask the parents if they have a
preference. They may want to take some time to adjust with the new baby

When planning your baby registry, you will have to take into
account the baby’s age, because not all parents choose to adopt
infants. If your guests of honor do have a new infant, then you want to
make sure they have lots of newborn/infant baby necessities on your
list – basically the same kind of registry that you would create for a
pregnant mom.

But, if they have adopted an older child within or beyond the
toddler years, focus on things like clothing and educational toys.
Depending on the child’s age, you may still need things like diapers
and baby wipes, but do not ask for too many items in this category if
you thing the child will not need them for too long.

When you decide on games for your adoption baby shower, you
obviously cannot choose one such as “How big is mommy’s stomach?”,
because the mom is not pregnant. But you can alter the game a little by
asking everyone to guess the baby’s height or weight.

And, instead of playing the classic “Don’t say baby!” game,
tell the guests that they cannot say the child’s name instead. If the
child’s name is Michael, then name the game “don’t say Michael!”

When it’s time to open the gifts, this is one of the types of
baby shower where the child can get involved. Let the child open some
of the presents if he/she is old enough.

If not, take a picture of the child with each gift. When you
send your thank you cards, you can include the picture of the gift that
each guest bought.

Since the baby is already here, your guests would love to have
a picture of him/her, so add a picture to some of your favors. A couple
of baby shower favor ideas that would be great for this type of shower
are; a coaster that’s also a picture frame, or a small personalized
picture frame with the baby’s name and date of the shower. If you want
to show the baby off during the shower, you can also put the baby’s
picture on a sheet cake.

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