Family baby shower ideas

Family Baby Shower for Mom, Dad, and Siblings

Instead of honoring just the expectant mom, plan a family baby
shower for all the members of an immediate family.
This is a great way to get everybody involved and excited about the
baby’s arrival. Since this type of celebration is for the whole family,
an aunt, cousin, grandmother, etc., usually hosts it instead of the
expectant mom’s best friend.

A family baby shower is just like a big family get-together,
so most people have a cookout in the backyard or a big dinner, and the
theme tends to be a casual one. This is because the celebration will be
coed, so you don’t want to have decorations that are too

You can
simply call the celebration a “welcome baby cookout/get-together for
the Smiths” and not have a theme at all. Whichever way you decide to
go, still have a few baby decorations like a diaper and/or sheet cake,
a banner, and maybe some balloons.

Your games should be really fun with the entire family
involved. “Who’s the mommy?” is a great choice because everyone will be
familiar with everyone else. You can also play “Who’s the daddy?” Visit
the games
to learn how to play. 

Another great idea is to let
everyone play sports if you’re having the shower outside, or play board
and card games inside. Here’s a great idea from a celebration that I
attended a few years ago. My parents once hosted this type of
celebration, and my mom took charge of the games. 

She had a scrabble
tournament and the winner received a restaurant gift card for their
entire immediate family. She even put a twist on the game by giving a
small party favor to the players each time they were able to form a
baby-related word. The tournament lasted for hours, and we had a blast.

As with any kind of get-together that celebrates a new baby,
make sure you thank your guests for coming with some inexpensive party
favors. Any of the regular baby shower favors will do, but try to have
a variety of things since men will be in attendance. 

Everybody loves
candy, so if you want to give everyone the same favor, buy some Hershey
bars and personalized candy bar wrappers. The wrappers can say
something like “The Smith Family Baby Shower” and the date of the
celebration. And, of course, if the baby already has a name, add that
to the wrapper as well.

Make sure you send everyone some thank you cards. And if you
decide to have the celebration before the baby arrives, wait until
after he/she is born so that you can include pictures with your

Write a personal note to each immediate family, and make sure
you put
the baby’s name and date of birth on the back of the picture.

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