Long distance shower

Distance Shower Planning Ideas

A long distance shower is just what it sounds like; a
celebration for a mom-to-be who lives far away. Since most shower take
place about 1 or 2 months before the baby is born, you may have to have
a long distance shower if the expectant mom lives out of town, because
she won’t be able to travel.

The best way to do this is to simply have the party as if she
were there, videotape everything, and then send the party to her! In
addition to the tape, you should also mail the decorations, some party
favors, a diaper cake, and of course, the gifts.

Here are some tips and ideas for planning a long
distance baby shower: 

Make it a surprise :

We all know that expectant moms are especially emotional just from
being pregnant. But imagine having to deal with being far away from the
ones you love during that time! Brighten her day with a surprise baby
shower from all her friends and family. If you do decide to have a
surprise shower, make sure you tell your guests.

Wrapping the gifts :

Many people wrap the gifts at the party and send them to the expectant
mom so she can unwrap them herself. Another option would be for the
guests to have the gifts wrapped before the party, and unwrap them on
camera. Make sure that when pack the gifts, you document who gave what.

Use your gifts as decorations :

If most of the gifts are clothes, you can create a clothesline along
the walls and hang the clothes up. This is a great alternative to
hanging streamers. You can also take the toys and try to set the room
up as a play area.

Record everything :

Make sure the mom-to-be gets a good look at all the decorations, the
centerpiece/cake, even the food. You want to go the extra mile to make
her feel like she’s actually there. When opening the gifts, have each
guest open their own gift and let them say a few words to the mom. And
don’t forget to record the games so the mom can have some laughs too!

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