Plan the ultimate daddy shower to recognize the dad-to-be.

the Ultimate Daddy Shower

Recognize the father-to-be with the ultimate daddy shower.
This is the perfect way to recognize any man who’s about to take his
first step into fatherhood.

Just like the soon-to-be mom, the lucky guy has lots of diaper
changing and
late night feedings ahead of him. So go ahead and give him
a great “guy’s night out” before the baby arrives.

Men don’t like girly stuff like pink bows and floral
centerpieces, so your rule of thumb will be to focus on all things
manly for this type of baby shower.

Instead of having your decorations and favors centered around
a theme, do away with theme ideas altogether, and plan as if you’re
hosting just a regular “guy’s night”.

Make sure you have tons of games to play to keep the men busy.
Instead of the traditional baby shower games, play regular ones,
especially card games. And try to come up with games based on sports.
If you’re having the daddy shower outside, the guys can actually play
sports, like 3 on 3 basketball.

When you’re planning types of baby showers centered around the
dad-to-be, the most important aspect is by far, the food. If a bunch of
guys walk into the celebration, and all you have is a spread of
cucumber sandwiches and spring water, be prepared to get tackled! (Just

But seriously, “cutesy” foods won’t cut it with the men. Make
sure you have lots of junk and fried foods. You can’t go wrong if you
serve buffalo wings, ribs, fried or bar-b-que chicken, and fries. And
for the drinks, beer and soda are a must.

If you want to buy a gift for the dad-to-be, you can either
buy stuff he can use for himself or for the baby. The diaper tool belt
would be a great gift. It looks just like a regular tool belt, but it
comes equipped with feeding and changing items instead of actual tools.
A “pamper daddy” gift pack or something as simple as a 6-pack of beer
are some other great gifts.

Even though the daddy shower is very different from the female
version, you still want to give your guest some small favors to express
your thanks. Again, stay away from the girly stuff like personalized
picture frames and mesh bags with chocolates.

You can give all the guys a bottle of beer with a personalized
label that read “Thanks for coming to Mike’s Daddy Shower”. Another
great idea is to assemble all the gifts into one and make a daddy
diaper cake.

Tell all the guests to bring a “manly” gift like a can of beer
or small gift cards to sporting good stores, and hide the gifts in a
regular diaper cake. Use his favorite sports team paraphernalia to
decorate the cake.

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