Second baby shower?

by Addison

(Glenwood, Iowa)

My best friend has an 8 year old son through a previous marriage. Her and her new husband (who she has been with for almost 7 years) are pregnant and due May 2010. Is it appropriate/proper to throw her a baby shower? Do we skip it since she already has a child? What is or isn’t right to do?

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Second baby shower?

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Mar 07, 2011

gap in years

by: Anonymous

i think a shower is appropriate. considering after 8 years, not many will keep everything from the 1st time around and many things expire after 6 years. with this large of a gap, and you need the big stuff again a shower is fine, if you really do not need the big stuff a srpinkle can suffice.

Jan 15, 2010

Have a baby sprinkle

by: Sonya


Your friend wants to have what is called a “baby sprinkle”. It’s the name of the celebration for any child after the first born.

Some people do think it is inappropiate to have a baby shower a 2nd or 3rd time. But in my opinion, every child should be celebrated in some way.

Since she was most likely “showered” with the big stuff like a crib, car seat, playpen, lots of clothes, etc., this time around you all can just “sprinkle” her with the small, every day necessities. She will still need lots of diapers, baby food, bibs, bathing supplies, etc.

You can check out this page for baby sprinkle ideas:
Baby sprinkle ideas

And, use this page for baby sprinkle invitation ideas:
Baby sprinkle invitations

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