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ideas for baby sprinkle invitations

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Baby sprinkle invitations are usually worded a little
differently from
the standard baby shower invites.  You have to cleverly tell
your guests that you want them to bring small gifts instead of all the
big stuff.

You can certainly create a nice invitation without using
cute baby sayings, but the sayings are what make the invites so
memorable.  You can use the examples below for your sprinkle
invites, or use them as a guide to help you write your own.
 And do not forget to follow the basic invitation guidelines
so that your guests will know all the specifics about the party.

Sample # 1:

Little babies are so
much fun

And Sonya is having
another one!

We’re having a baby
sprinkle because

We want to show her new
baby some love.

No need to buy all the
big stuff this time

Cause big sister/brother
(name) is always kind.

She’s/He’s going to
share with the bundle of joy,

So just bring the small
stuff for the new baby boy.

Sample # 2:
Remember when Sonya’s
first baby arrived?

We threw her a shower
and she was surprised.

Now she’s having baby
numer two,

But this time a baby
sprinkle will do.

She already has all the
big baby stuff,

But having enough
diapers can be kinda tough.

So let’s sprinkle her
with stuff like diapers and wipes,

So she’ll have what she
needs for those long, busy nights.

Sample # 3:
If you wish to bring
something nice

For the new bundle of
sugar and spice,

You can certainly bring
her toys and clothes,

But the mommy-to-be has
plenty of those!

She’d much rather have
some bottles and food

To help calm the baby’s
hungry moods.

So bring little gifts
filled with love,

And let’s celebrate her
gift from above.

you have creative wording ideas for baby sprinkle invitations?

them with us!


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