A baby shower craft idea that’s simple and creative – Make baby sock roses!

roses are a great baby shower craft idea

A baby shower craft idea that’s easy to make and pretty look
at is the baby sock rose bouquet. You can use the bouquet as a
wonderful centerpiece at your party, and the mom-to-be can always use
the socks after the baby is born.

Wanna make a baby sock rose bouquet? You will need these items for this
baby shower craft idea:

  • Vase or ribbon
  • Baby’s breath
  • Silk leaves
  • Baby socks
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutters

Now, just follow these simple instructions:

Lay one of the socks on a flat surface. Start at the bottom of
the sock and firmly (but not too tight) roll the sock three times. Once
you roll it three times, about 1/4 inch of the sock should still lay

Use one hand to hold the rolls in place, and the other hand to
fold the opening of the sock over the rolls.

At this point, your sock should look just like a rose bud.
Some people like this look, while others prefer the “blooming” look for
this baby shower craft idea. To achieve the blooming look, gently pull
the rolls up and out.

Now, cut a piece of floral wire about 12 inches long. It’s a
good idea to take into consideration how tall your vase is before
cutting the wire.

Insert your floral wire into the hole that was created by the
folds. Push the wire up as far as it will go, just before it pushes out
at the top.

Then, use your floral tape and wrap it firmly around the base
of the rose. Once you’ve wrapped the entire base, keep going down and
wrap the floral wire as well. Slightly overlap the tape as you go.
You’ll want to tape the entire wire.

Once you get to the end, cut the tape leaving about 1/4 inch
hanging. Wrap the hanging tape up the wire, overlapping the layer going

Now, take a look at what you’ve just done. You just made a sock

Now, let’s work on the presentation, which will bring
this baby shower craft idea to life.

You can either make a dozen or so of these roses and arrange
them in a vase, or you can just make about 6 and tie them together with
a nice ribbon.

If you will be using a vase, put your sock roses in the vase
first, and then insert the greens and baby’s breath between the roses.
If you will be using more than one color sock, scatter the colors
around instead of bunching them together.

If you’re going to use a ribbon, still include greens and
baby’s breath. Use the floral tape to bond baby sock roses, greens and
baby’s breath together before applying the ribbon. This will ensure a
firm hold. For a nice touch, consider using a personalized ribbon.

With either option, make sure you make an even number of
roses, so that the mom can use the socks for her baby if she wishes.

baby shower craft idea was a breeze. Now click here for more.