Opening gifts at the baby shower

by Spring

(Redondo Beach)

Is it okay to not open them at the party and wait till later. I am extremely shy and dread this part of the function. I also, don’t want to make birthday parties about that so I make my kids open them after the party. With my first child 9 years ago, I remember dreading the whole shower because of that one moment you are in the spotlight expecting to open and give a response to each and everything in a rush. I would rather wait till later to be able to open them with my family and truly appreciate what was given and take my time at home.

Would this be considered rude?

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Opening gifts at the baby shower

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Feb 06, 2010

Opening the gifts later

by: Anonymous

We are having a large couples shower (50 people) and don’t want to make people wait while we open gifts. We will take them home and open later that afternoon. Our hostess is letting folks know what the plan is and those that wish to join us at our house will be welcome to.

Mar 10, 2009

This is tricky..

by: Sonya

Personally, I would be a little disappointed if the parents did not open the gifts at the shower. This is one of the best parts of the party. But, if you truly feel uncomfortable about it, then that should be taken into consideration too. The only problem is, what excuse are you going to give to your guests? They will be expecting you to open and acknowledge their gift at the party.

But then again, they are your gifts, and you do have the right to open them whenever you want. You could always just tell everyone that you are going to open them at a later date. But if you do this, I would still be sure to send each person a personalized thank you card regarding their gift.

I would love to hear how you decided to handle this. Please be sure to post back about your decision, and thanks for submitting your question.

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