new part time coworker wants a baby shower

by rosemary

(stl, mo)

We have a relatively new (less than 3 months) coworker that is dropping hints that she wants us to throw her a baby shower. She works 1 12 hour shift a week, and nobody knows her that well. This is her second child. I find this rather rude and inappropriate. Are we obligated to throw her a shower just because she happens to work with us and is pregnant?

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new part time coworker wants a baby shower

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Oct 08, 2011


by: Anonymous

She may not have anyone to throw her one so she is hinting to y’all so she can have one. I didn’t have one with my first child because I was new to the area and didn’t know anyone to throw me one. I wasn’t upset that I didn’t get anything and all that but that is now missing out of daughters scrapbook where her 2 other sisters both have a baby shower page. Maybe try to get to know her a little better and see if she has family or friends around or not.

Mar 29, 2010

No, you are not obligated to give her a shower

by: Sonya

I agree with you here. She’s fairly new and you guys don’t know her very well. So I don’t understand why she is expecting a shower from you. I think a simple greeting card from all of you is more than enough. If you want to throw in a small gift like a gift card from all of you, that would be nice, but it’s absolutely not necessary. I really think the joint greeting card is enough in this case.

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