Nautical Theme Ahoy Ships! It’s a Boy!!

by Tarah Primm


first of all have a cd of ocean sounds. have people wear sailor’s hats as they come in. Have the guest of honour wear a sailor’s hat that says Ships Ahoy! It’s a boy! have a ship shaped cake or a lighthouse cake. make the colors all nautical example: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, etc… make your invitations shaped like ships or lighthouses or order some nice nautical ones from a store.

Get little gifts together for everyone. get some dollar store picture frames and paint them blue and red or white or all three colors and glue seashells and anchors or lighthouses on them to put pics of the baby in when he/she is born. Serve white mint Lifesavers in candy dishes. They look like little life preservers – you could even have a little note saying “For your safety: please take a life preserver”. get a tub or big bucket and instead of bobbing for apples, buy some pacifiers and have your guests bob for those and whoever gets the most wins. Tip: dollar store has cheap pacifiers. fill empty baby food jars with sand and seashells and tea lights at the top. Make sure that the place you have the shower has the whole nautical feel.

This is what i am actually going to have for my baby shower coming up. I thought it was so wonderful. I love nautical stuff and when you can think up ideas then go for it!

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