Is this rude?

My mother in law doesnt want to give me a baby shower; she would rather just have her family and friends invited to the shower my mom is giving me. Thats an additional 15-20 people so I sort of wish my mom would give her a bill for those people since this is a shower given by MY side of the family. Is it wrong to say something?? Is it rude to tell my mother in law she cant invite her friends and family to a shower given by other people?

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Is this rude?

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Jun 20, 2011

not rude

by: Anonymous

the host and the mother to be have the right to exclude or include whoever they want on the list. It would not be rude to say that those guests cant come unless both parties chip in with expenses.

Jul 22, 2009

This is a joke, right?

by: Anonymous

This is crazy. Did you have separate bridal showers for each side of the family too??? What about friends, do they need to “chip in” on the cost of the party? I kinda thought that was the point of bringing a gift…… When you host a party you host a party. People are invited based on how they are connected to the guest of honor, so is this yours and your husband’s baby or just yours?

Jul 08, 2009

I do not think it’s rude

by: Sonya

I think it is perfectly acceptable for your mom to tell the mother-in-law that she has to help out with the expenses, or un-invite her guests. If at all possible, they should try to work together to have both sides of the family attend, with both of them contributing the food/money. But if not, then no, it is not rude at all for your mom to say what is on her mind.

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