I can’t afford a baby shower gift

My co-workers are throwing a baby shower for a co-worker and his wife during work hours. Money is really tight for me and I cannot afford a gift. Should I still attend or should I decline the invitation. I feel I should not attend since I cannot get them a gift, but I am concerned if I decline, my boss will make me feel guilty for not being involved.

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I can’t afford a baby shower gift

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Feb 11, 2012

If u cant afford a gift

by: Anonymous

If you feel as tho u want to get something U could always go to target and get a outfit or two and its real cheap! they be have stuff for like $1,$5 and ect

Oct 08, 2011

Don’t feel obligated!

by: Anonymous

Don’t feel obligated to buy anything! I am having my 3rd baby shower that is being thrown by co-workers at our job during business hours and I know that everyone who is there will not be buying me something nor do I expect it! If you feel like you should do something then give them a card even if its home made with a sweet message inside congratulating them and wishing them best of luck!

Oct 01, 2011

how about a nappy cake?

by: Anonymous

I also was invited to a baby shower recently where I knew a lot of expensive presents were going to be given, and I’m in a situation where I dont have much money to spend. I ended up making a nappy cake. Nappy cakes look awesome, and really only cost the price of the nappies (of which you can just get cheap ones) and a few ribbons etc. I had a lot of friends having babies close together so I purchased some nappy cake videos that showed me step by step how to create it.

from here, I made my first nappy cake using the rolled up nappies. I’m really excited about making one with ‘smoothed icing’ look! Most of my friends are having babies at the moment, so there’s always someone for me to give it too! also, ive become so excited about the nappy cakes that I think I might even start selling them!

the mum-to be was stoked with the gift, and every guest commented on it, saying how clever i was! It was actually easier than it looks, and such a creative gift, I wish I had learned it sooner! The one I put together only costed about $25, but you could buy a cheaper nappy and/or make a smaller sized nappy cake for further savings.

I also helped with the prizes for her shower and made cupcakes out of facewashers. these are so easy to do, i just purchased some facewashers, silocone muffin cases and round lollipops from k-mart.

but instead of using a paper cup, i used the silicone muffin cup and instead of using just one colour face washer, i used two rolled up together. they were so cute! best of all, they look great and only set you back a couple of dollars. As well as that, either of these gifts can be purchased, but i’ve seen online you can buy a nappy cake in excess of $100. So you give a gift thats worth a lot but really is easy and cheap to put together.

hope this helps, i know it helped me when i was trying to give a great gift on a budget 🙂

Sep 16, 2011

Can’t Afford a Baby Shower Gift!

by: Anonymous

I totally understand and have been there too as a single mother of three children. I had a similar situation and went to two different “thrift” stores and found baby shoes and outfit with new department store “Tags” still on them!!! Good luck!

May 06, 2010

A greeting card is more than enough

by: Sonya

Don’t feel obligated to get them a gift just because you work together. A greeting card is more than enough in this situation. You could even throw in a $10 gift card if you want, but you certainly don’t have to.

If you feel really bad about not being able to get a gift right now, just tell her that you were not able to get something at this time, but you could get her something after the baby is born.

But again, if you don’t get her anything at all, don’t feel bad about it. Everyone’s situation is different and you are not obligated to purchase anything.

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