How to get money?

by Alesha

(Warsaw, Indianae)

Can anyone think of a game or even a nice way of asking and/or getting money at your baby shower? I went about things the wrong way and have a large amount of the stuff that we need for the baby but do not think we can save enough money in order to pay the bills while i am off two months. I could really use the advice.

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How to get money?

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Aug 11, 2009


by: alesha

we bought all the baby stuff we have so far. which we should have waited and saved money but it isn’t what we did so now i am just trying to find anyway of helping.

Aug 11, 2009

Ask for donations

by: Sonya

The only option I can think of is to ask your shower host to ask for monetary donations instead of gifts from your guests.

Why will you not have enough money to cover your bills? If you received a lot of stuff you will need for the baby, that should allow you extra funds to focus on your bills rather than baby stuff. If you simply do not have enough funds to cover both the baby and the house bills, I would just ask for donations on your invitations.

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